Don’t Forget to Hit “Record”

24 Sep 2018


If you have ever interviewed someone for a book, you know that it is nearly impossible to take thorough enough notes to catch everything that is being said.

Even if you are an ace on the keyboard, something is bound to be missed.

For this reason, we always recommend recording all of your interviews, so that you can go back and re-visit key points of your interview later on.

But, what if they interview is being done over the phone?

Well, this great article from Gadget Hacks takes you through the simple steps of recording phone calls on almost any Android device.

Just follow their simple steps, and you will no longer be left trying to decipher the chicken-scratch notes you took during an over the phone interview!

Record*Before recording an interview, be sure to check out your state’s laws on recording conversations. Also—check out this great blog for more interview tips and suggestions!




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