From Your Phone Camera to a PDF- Like Magic!

10 Sep 2018


Do you dread wrestling with your difficult scanner?

Or maybe you don’t even have a scanner at all.

Are you constantly trying to figure out the best way to turn the pictures you take on your phone into presentable documents?

If this sounds even a little bit familiar, this Watercooler Writer tip will change your life (or, at the very least, make things a bit easier)!

We have discovered an incredible Smart Phone app that is a “must have” for on-site research projects.

This fantastic Adobe Scan App will allow you to take pictures of documents on your phone, and automatically convert them in to Adobe PDFs!

Just open up the app on your smart phone, take a picture of the document (or receipt, photos, business cards, etc.) you are reviewing, and POOF! You have a PDF!

You can then email the PDF directly from your phone.

How amazing is that?!?

Like this tip? Stay tuned for some more fun Watercooler Writer tips, hacks, and facts!



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