Six Books Everyone Should Write

10 Sep 2018


Are you the kind of person who constantly has a million ideas in your head?

Or maybe, instead of letting those ideas cloud up your head, you write them all down on paper.

What if those ideas were not ideas, but were actually just an ongoing diary of everything (and I mean everything) you see and do on a daily basis?

Or, even better, a journal compiled of all of the gossip and actions of those around you.

Have you ever taken a look at your life and thought to yourself “I should write a book about this!”?

Well, maybe you should!

This great article from The Paris Review discusses 6 types of books that everyone can (and should) write.

Now, they are not suggesting that just anyone can write a great piece of literature.

But who knows- if you follow their suggestions, you may find that you have something worth writing about!


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