The Top 10 SOP Tools for 2024 and Beyond

08 Jul 2024


Crafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is one of the most critical business functions for any organization. Getting SOPs right represents increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved performance. Nevertheless, producing high-quality SOPs may prove challenging, especially for staff members without much experience.

While such concerns are certainly legitimate, the fact of the matter is that today’s automation tools can help any organization produce high-quality SOP documentation in a fraction of the time and effort.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 SOP tools for 2024 and beyond, focusing on how these tools can help organizations save time and effort in generating such valuable documentation. Best of all, the financial investment associated with these tools is much lower than expected.

What are SOP tools?

Automated SOP tools are sophisticated software applications designed to streamline and enhance the process of creating, managing, and maintaining standardized procedural documentation within an organization. These tools leverage advanced technologies to automate various aspects of SOP development, offering a more efficient alternative to traditional manual methods.

Typically, automated SOP tools provide users with pre-defined templates and frameworks, ensuring consistency and adherence to established formats. They often incorporate intuitive interfaces that simplify the process of content creation, allowing users to focus on the substance of procedures rather than grappling with formatting intricacies.

These tools frequently feature functionalities that facilitate collaboration among multiple stakeholders. Through real-time collaboration and version control capabilities, automated SOP tools enable seamless cooperation among team members involved in the SOP creation and revision processes. This collaborative aspect ensures that the final documentation reflects the collective expertise and insights of relevant contributors.

Furthermore, automated SOP tools are characterized by their adaptability and responsiveness to changes. They allow for efficient updates and revisions, accommodating modifications to procedures in response to evolving internal requirements or external regulatory mandates. This agility ensures that SOP documentation remains current and aligned with industry standards.

In essence, automated SOP tools represent a technologically advanced solution to the challenges associated with SOP development. Their features encompass template-driven content creation, collaborative functionalities, version control mechanisms, and adaptability, collectively contributing to a more efficient, accurate, and streamlined process for the creation and management of SOP documentation within organizational frameworks.

Why are SOP tools useful?

Automated SOP tools have emerged as a highly effective solution for the expeditious generation of top-quality SOP documentation, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with manual creation. This innovative approach to SOP development offers a range of advantages that contribute to its efficiency and efficacy.

The following points highlight the usefulness of these tools:

  • First, automated SOP tools streamline the documentation process by providing pre-built templates and standardized formats. This eliminates the need for manual formatting and structuring, ensuring consistency across various procedures. By adhering to industry best practices, these tools guarantee that SOPs are not only well-organized but also compliant with relevant regulations and guidelines.
  • Second, these tools facilitate rapid content generation through intuitive interfaces and user-friendly functionalities. By automating repetitive tasks, such as data entry and cross-referencing, they enable users to focus on critical content creation rather than getting bogged down by administrative details. This not only enhances overall productivity but also minimizes the likelihood of errors, contributing to the creation of accurate and reliable SOPs.
  • Third, automated SOP tools often come equipped with version control and collaboration features, allowing multiple stakeholders to contribute seamlessly to the document in real-time. This collaborative capability fosters cross-functional communication and ensures that the SOP reflects the collective expertise of relevant stakeholders. As a result, the end product is more comprehensive and well-rounded.
  • Finally, the dynamic nature of automated SOP tools enables easy updates and revisions. As processes evolve or regulatory requirements change, these tools allow for swift modifications to keep the documentation current. This adaptability is crucial for industries where procedural changes are frequent, ensuring that SOPs remain relevant and compliant over time.

Indeed, the adoption of automated SOP tools represents a paradigm shift in the realm of procedural documentation. Their ability to streamline the creation process, maintain consistency, reduce errors, foster collaboration, and adapt to changes positions them as a highly effective and efficient solution for generating top-quality SOP documentation, all while significantly minimizing the time and effort traditionally invested in manual approaches.

Top 10 SOP Tools for 2024

The following list describes the top 10 SOP tools organizations can utilize to generate high-quality SOPs without breaking the bank. Please keep in mind these tools have solid all-around performance but tend to be especially useful in certain areas. As a result, they offer a combination of good value and unique features.


Dozuki offers an extensive selection of creative templates for the creation of SOPs. The platform facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, enabling them to engage in discussions on plans and procedures and collectively develop SOPs. Additionally, users can generate internal reports to monitor the performance of team members effectively.

Furthermore, Dozuki provides valuable features, including a robust mobile application, advanced search capabilities, and a dedicated Q&A forum. The software enhances user experience by offering the ability to view comprehensive records of training assignments and completions, thereby providing a clearer understanding of training progress and achievements.


Here’s where Dozuki stands out:

  • It examines the edit history to trace changes made in earlier versions.
  • It engages in collaboration and discussions pertaining to projects and processes.
  • It incorporates visual elements into your SOPs and other documents.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The level of detail in the reports is somewhat limited.
  • Locating previous versions of guides may pose a challenge.

Overall, Dozuki provides a mix of solid features and value. While the degree of detail may be limited, it is a well-rounded tool for any organization.


JobRouter serves as a digital process automation tool designed for the creation and management of automated workflows. This platform empowers users to conceptualize, implement, and execute business processes within a digital framework.

In the context of SOP creation, JobRouter proves instrumental by aiding in the definition and automation of the various steps inherent in the development, updating, and management of SOPs.

The automation of these processes not only results in time savings but also mitigates the risk of errors. Furthermore, it guarantees that SOPs remain consistently up-to-date and accurate, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of procedural documentation.


Here’s where JobRouter stands out:

  • It tailors SOP documents extensively to meet your specific preferences and requirements.
  • It takes the guesswork out of building automated workflows based on current business processes.
  • It receives high-quality customer service support for an enhanced user experience.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The cost may be prohibitive for small businesses.
  • The process of creating forms, rules, and scripts can be somewhat perplexing and time-intensive.

While small businesses may find this tool expensive, the number of features is ideal for large corporations and organizations with extensive processes and structures.

Process Street

Process Street stands out as user-friendly SOP software designed for the creation, tracking, and management of SOPs.

This platform notably facilitates the seamless sharing of core processes among teams, transforming them into intricate, code-free workflows through the utilization of checklists. A notable feature is the drag-and-drop editor, enabling users to create and organize SOPs effortlessly. Real-time collaboration with team members and the ability to monitor changes to SOPs through version control further enhance the collaborative and adaptive nature of the platform.

Additionally, Process Street offers robust search capabilities, simplifying the process of information retrieval for employees and contributing to an efficient and streamlined SOP management experience.


Here’s where Process Street stands out:

  • The interface is designed for clarity, facilitating the prompt generation of a variety of reports.
  • Navigating the application is simplified through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ensuring user-friendly and efficient interaction.
  • It integrates with other tools and platforms, such as Zapier.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • It has a not-so-friendly UI (user interface).
  • Using it with Zapier is confusing.

With a useful interface, its integration with other tools makes it a viable alternative, despite the need for more tech-savvy users.


ProcessKit is a cloud-based software solution designed to optimize and streamline customer onboarding and training processes. It facilitates collaborative efforts within your teams to create comprehensive step-by-step guides and training plans, enhancing the efficiency of client onboarding procedures.

A noteworthy feature of ProcessKit is its conditional logic capability, enabling the creation of intelligent processes that automatically adapt to the unique requirements of each project. This involves integrating conditional statements such as “If this… Then that…” into the processes, ensuring dynamic responsiveness.

Moreover, transforming guides into user-friendly playbooks for new employees is exceptionally straightforward. The platform allows for the incorporation of diverse multimedia elements, including PDFs, GIFs, and videos sourced from various locations, enhancing the engagement and appeal of the content.


Here’s where ProcessKit stands out:

  • It has an interface designed for user-friendliness, facilitating straightforward navigation and usage.
  • It has tailorable templates to align with the distinctive requirements of your organization.
  • It has integration capabilities for multimedia elements to augment the effectiveness of training and onboarding processes.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • Enhancements could be made for a more user-friendly experience.
  • The initial setup of the tool requires a significant time investment.

The overall user experience is on par with other tools in this list. Despite the somewhat steep learning curve, the amount of personalization offered is second to none.

ProProfs Knowledge Base

This sophisticated SOP software combines simplicity with robust functionality, facilitating the creation of fully customized documentation for standard operating procedures. It fosters collaboration among teams throughout the entire SOP generation process, encompassing writing, designing, and final publication stages.

A notable feature of this software is its library of ready-to-use templates, which are not only fully customizable but also expedite the preparation of SOP documents within minutes. The tool’s straightforward text editor allows users to seamlessly incorporate flowcharts, diagrams, and instructional videos, enriching the documentation with visual aids to enhance the learning experience for employees.

Furthermore, the ProProfs knowledge base is equipped with advanced search capabilities, ensuring swift and efficient retrieval of information whenever and wherever needed. This enhances the accessibility and usability of the platform for effective knowledge management.


Here’s where ProProfs Knowledge Base stands out:

  • Internal comments are designed to facilitate real-time collaboration among users.
  • Comprehensive reports provide insights into the performance of the knowledge base.
  • A selection of pre-designed page templates offers customization options to align with individual preferences.
  • Custom workflows enable the thorough review of documents before their publication.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The provided 15-day free trial period may be insufficient for a comprehensive exploration of the tool’s capabilities.
  • Active adaptation is necessary for integrating and adjusting to feature updates.

Given the significant number of features, an intense approach is needed to take full advantage of the 15-day trial period. Organizations looking for collaborative features will come to love this tool.


Scribe stands out as an SOP creation software designed to facilitate the instant and efficient documentation and sharing of processes across sales, CSM (Consumer Service Management), HR, and IT teams.

If your processes are already documented, Scribe assists in the transformation of these documents into comprehensive guides readily accessible by employees around the clock.

The software employs AI to generate instructions and SOPs automatically in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it provides flexibility in sharing guides through various formats, including email, embedding in your Learning Management System (LMS), or exporting to PDF.

One notable feature of Scribe is its user-friendly custom branding options. These features simplify the incorporation of company logos, colors, and design elements into SOP documents, ensuring a consistent and professional on-brand appearance.


Here’s where Scribe stands out:

  • Its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless navigation and usage.
  • Auto-generated step-by-step guides enhance process efficiency and streamline workflows.
  • Customizable guides are available to align with the distinctive requirements of your organization.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • Integration beyond Chrome requires the premium plan.
  • After content creation, manually deleting each article becomes a cumbersome process.

On the whole, Scribe delivers good all-around features that organizations of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of.


SweetProcess represents a web-based system designed to facilitate the creation of well-defined and easily update SOP documents, online portals, and manuals.

One commendable aspect is its effective simplification of SOP creation and management through task delegation features. These features prove instrumental in tracking changes and assigning tasks to employees, ensuring operational consistency and facilitating the seamless onboarding of new personnel by providing clear instructions and guidelines.

The tool’s capabilities extend to the creation of step-by-step guides for training new employees, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos and pictures to elucidate tasks. Moreover, it allows for the monitoring of employees’ progress as they follow the outlined steps. This comprehensive set of features contributes to an efficient and transparent process for SOP management and employee training.


Here’s where SweetProcess stands out:

  • It facilitates the seamless documentation of procedures, processes, and policies to enhance consistency and quality control measures.
  • It utilizes the copy-paste function to incorporate visuals or pictures, augmenting training and onboarding materials.
  • It leverages the option to embed videos into procedures or processes for enhanced clarity and understanding among users.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The custom URL feature for the knowledge base is currently labeled as “coming soon.”
  • A subset of users has reported challenges related to logging in or experiencing lag issues.

With great features such as high-quality visuals, SweetProcess offers good value for its price tag.


Tallyfy is a comprehensive workflow and process management software designed for the documentation and automation of all business processes within your company. It offers a straightforward and proven method for automating tasks collaboratively among coworkers and clients.

Utilizing this software, users can establish rules and triggers to generate new SOPs automatically when specific conditions are met. Additionally, it enables the automatic updating of existing SOPs in response to changes made in the underlying processes. This functionality guarantees that SOPs remain current and accurate, thereby minimizing the risk of errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency within the company.


Here’s where Tallyfy stands out:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process creation experience.
  • Prompt and efficient customer support ensures a timely response to inquiries and concerns.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The customization options are somewhat constrained.
  • The user interface occasionally experiences sluggish performance.

Tallyfy is ideal for organizations with extensive processes looking to produce comprehensive training and SOP materials. It is well worth the investment in time, effort, and money.


Trainual is a cloud-based SOP software designed to optimize onboarding and training processes. It facilitates team collaboration in the creation of policies, SOPs, training modules, and additional onboarding materials through its innovative pre-designed templates.

This tool proves notably advantageous in the conversion of SOPs into easily comprehensible playbooks for new hires. Users can choose from a vast selection of free templates, expediting the process of establishing a comprehensive training manual efficiently.


Here’s where Trainual stands out:

  • An interface designed for user-friendliness facilitates the seamless creation and sharing of standard operating procedures.
  • Tailorable templates, customized to align with the specific requirements of your business, enhance flexibility.
  • Multimedia content capabilities enable the development of engaging and effective SOPs, incorporating images, videos, and other forms of media for comprehensive documentation.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • There is a deficiency in advanced reporting and analytics features.
  • There is potential for improvement by introducing more interactive features, such as definition matching or expanding options beyond multiple choice.

Get a comprehensive suite of functions with Trainual. This tool is like having a personal coach leading the way for every business process.

Way We Do

Way We Do is a resourceful platform designed to transform rules and procedural steps into easily comprehensible plans for seamless operations. It provides users with interactive checklists and templates, facilitating the creation of SOP documentation and aiding employees in executing their daily tasks accurately.

A notable feature of this tool is its automatic revision reminders, offering invaluable assistance to editors in monitoring policies and procedures and ensuring their continual relevance. Additionally, the software enables the assignment of future revision dates to any policy or procedure, thereby integrating changes seamlessly into the writing and editing process. This proactive approach enhances the overall efficiency and currency of policies and procedures within the organizational framework.


Here’s where Way We Do stands out:

  • It establishes task reminders to guarantee the punctual completion of assigned tasks.
  • It tailors individual workflows for diverse users to optimize productivity.
  • It generates comprehensive reports for performance evaluation, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing overall efficiency.

Here are the not-so-good points:

  • The quarterly per-user charge is relatively high.
  • There is a limited availability of SOPs for sales teams.

Despite what might seem like a hefty price tag, this tool’s feature set offers a balance between functionality and ease of use.

A Final Thought

SOP automation tools are a magnificent way to boost productivity while cutting down on the time and effort required to produce SOP documentation. However, it must be said that these tools are not intended to replace human savvy, experience, and knowledge. That is why these tools must be seen for what they are: tools. As such, parlaying the strengths of these tools into useful outcomes can lead to a combination of high-tech and human ingenuity.

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