What Is A Ghostwriter And What Do They Do?

26 Mar 2019


What Is A Ghostwriter And What Do They Do?

To some people, the term “ghostwriter” conjures up images of some kind of covert, undercover secret agent who writes novels under a pen name, never revealing their true identity.

The reality, though, is a whole lot less mysterious.

So, what exactly is a ghostwriter, and what do they do?

Ghostwriters are writers who are hired to write books (or other material) that someone else will be credited for.

In essence, the ghostwriter is the person who listens to your ideas and stories, and then helps you turn those ideas into a book. Once the book has been completed, you are listed as the author, with the ghostwriter’s identity remaining anonymous.

There are times that ghostwriter does receive credit for the part they played in the writing process. However, more frequently ghostwriters remain unknown (as does the fact that a ghostwriter was even used).

Although this may sound odd, it is actually quite a common practice. In fact, there are many celebrities and well-known personalities who regularly hire ghostwriters to help them pen their autobiographies and memoirs.

While ghostwriting is frequently associated with writing books for celebrities and non-celebrities alike, ghostwriters are also used for a variety of other written works, including:

  • Speeches
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Proposals
  • Newsletters
  • Website content

So, next time you find yourself struggling to put your words to paper, perhaps you should consider hiring a ghostwriter!  

Jennifer Rizzo 
Jennifer Rizzo is a Denver based writer with a background in Healthcare, International Tour Management, Genealogical Research, and a passion for travel and languages. She studied Spanish at the University of Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico and also lived and studied in Ancona, Italy. After spending nearly a decade working in the health care field, Jennifer has a well-rounded knowledge of hospital functionality, medical terminology, and disease processes. She has extended work experience with government medical benefits as well as Social Security law, which has allowed her to fine-tune her ability to sort through large amounts of medical records, research, and data, and turn that information into well written reports and case briefs. Since joining The Writers for Hire, Jennifer has written on vast array of topics and has done many in-depth ancestry research and family history projects. She has worked as Project Manager for various client websites, family history books, and RFPs, as well as other projects. She enjoys working closely with clients, and loves any opportunity that allows her to indulge her creative side.

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