A Flashback to 1993 and the Information Superhighway

16 May 2019


I belong to that technologically in-between generation. The first half of my childhood I spent time locating library books using card catalogs, calling my friends using our home’s land line, and learning to type on an electric typewriter. By the time I reached middle school, though, computers had taken the place of typewriters. And by high school, most households had an internet-connected computer, and many of my friends were sporting pagers, which were quickly upgraded to fancy flip mobile phones.

Now in 2019, it’s hard to image life without my tiny pocket computer (a.k.a. my cell phone) that allows me to stay connected no matter where in the world I am. Distant are the memories of writing a paper by physically going to a library for research, taking notes by hand, and then typing it up on my clickity Olympia typewriter.

Looking back, it is amazing to realize how much life has changed since my early childhood—a fact that is really brought to light by this entertaining ABC News flashback from 1993. Enjoy!

Jennifer Rizzo 
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