Converting your Facebook Pages into Sales

09 Jan 2013


Anyone can take a Facebook page and pay for likes with ads. You can run a coupon and drive a few sales, or make a few interesting posts asking for feedback and get responses. The trick is figuring out how to actually use your Facebook page to drive sales without having to do any work, being able to measure them and also provide value to keep people interested.

Here is a quick pointer with a strategy I have used and then two tools that will help you to be able to start testing how you can get it to work for you as well.

One trick about Facebook marketing is to figure out how to turn a fan who is distracted and wants to play games or talk to their friends into an actual customer who is paying attention and will leave to shop. One of the most effective ways to do this is to get them to join your newsletter or email list. By having the Fan on your newsletter or email list, you can take them from being a fan with a ton of distractions to a captive audience that will see your ads or newsletter and be able to take action, without all of the distractions. So how do you do this?

One person might say, post to sign up for your newsletter and link to it. That can be effective, but you have to give an actual reason and remember that your posts will only show to a portion of your fans (unless you pay for more exposure). Another person may tell you that you need to have a link to your sign up box in the page description. Although you can do this, it will probably be ignored by a ton of visitors.

Here are two tools with free options that you can use to get sign ups so you can turn a fan into an interested customer without having to show them a million ads and ask them to sign up a million times.


A lot of us will use videos on our pages to gather interest and gain attention. The videos may be yours or someone else’s, but if they have allowed sharing, you can import it into Viewbix and help them make money (if they have adsense on their videos) as well as increase their views which helps with their video SEO and plug it into a custom Viewbix Player.

Viewbix allows you to take these videos which the author has given permission to use (or you can use your own) add a custom skin with clickable calls to action on them and add them to your own website or to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can use whatever URL you would like which means tracking links and affiliate links are welcome and will be able to show up in your analytics to show the amount of clicks and sales. (If you have a Viewbix pro account you also get a full analytics suite). When you are done customizing your skin and player, you can then add in shopping and list apps, skype, scribd, coupon, eBay and a ton of other apps including newsletter sign up apps. By using the newsletter sign up app and having it open after the video finishes playing, you can now have the viewer on Facebook subscribe through your video and then get back to doing what they were doing on the social media site. This is a way to more easily get them to sign up without being aggressive and also have them on your list so you can market back to them and begin making money.

Pagemodo is a tool I have grown to love. It also has a free option. Pagemodo offers you a ton of customizable templates with a drag and drop interface so you don’t have to be able to code. You can set it up to add an ecommerce shopping tab, a real estate, video design or any of the others including a way to come to your site and sign up for your newsletters. The thing that I love about pagemodo is that your tabs are now fully customizable and you can drive measurable and trackable sales as well as get newsletter sign ups with one click from these custom designed tabs. They even upload them to your pages for you and with a paid account, you can add a like gate which has shown it can help to grow your fans or likes easily so people can access your information.

Converting Facebook traffic is easy, you just have to think about how to get your fans to either sign up for your newsletter so you can market to them later when they are not distracted, or you just need to find a way to create a positive and easy way for them to complete a purchase with a great looking page and tabs. By using these two tools you are on your way to working on a solid plan to convert your Facebook fans into actual customers.

About the author:

Adam Riemer is an online marketer with more than 10 years of experience. You can read his blog about online marketing and being an Affiliate Management Company and even find tips on SEO, datafeeds and optimizing your website. You can visit him here at Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC.


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