Fantastic Words That Are Begging for a Comeback

21 Jul 2020


Have you ever heard a word, and found yourself thinking, “Wow! Now, THAT is a great word!”?

We’re not talking ordinary, everyday words here. We’re talking about words with meanings that perfectly describe certain situations or people.

Take the word “groke,” for example. You know that guy (or girl) who stares at you when you are eating, just hoping that you will share? That’s a groke!

How about people who suffer from “dysania” (extreme difficulty getting out of bed in the morning) and like to sleep in much later than necessary? Those are “slugabeds.”

I am positive that everyone knows at least one “grumbletonian” who is concerned about the “snollygosters” reducing us to a “kakistocracy.” (Translation: Person who is unhappy with their government and is concerned about the unprincipled people reducing us to a society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.)

And, of course, we are all familiar with the “ultracrepidarians,” or, in other words, people who give opinions on subjects they know nothing about.

With words as amazing as these, (as well as the others we found in this fun blog from one can’t help but wonder why they ever went extinct. I, for one, am all in favor of bringing these wonderful words back!

Who’s with me?!?

Watercooler Writer 
Ever wonder what writers talk about? Our writers are always sharing something new with each other, from the latest and greatest in apps and technology to grammar rules and the origin of certain words. With our Watercooler Writer series, we have taken our very best finds, and are sharing them with you.

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