How Retailers Are Grabbing The Reins On Social Media Marketing

30 Dec 2009


Social media keeps getting better and better. These days, lots of retailers are jumping on the social media bandwagon to keep up with the times – and, to get consumers in their doors and to jumpstart sales, they’re offering some great deals. If you’re a retail store and want to get some great ideas on how to use social media in your marketing strategy, check out some of these:

Groupon logo.Image via WikipediaCollective buying power takes a new twist with All you have to do is sign up for their daily emails in your city. You’ll receive one coupon for restaurants, shopping, and services at retailers in your area every day (and we’re talking deep discounts, like laser teeth whitening for less than $200, or half off at your favorite restaurants). You can choose to buy the coupon for that day or skip out, but here’s the catch: you’re only able to buy the coupon if a minimum number of people also buy it. Check out this page to learn more about Groupon.


Facebook Fan Pages

Are you on Facebook? If so, you’re perfectly poised to receive awesome deals on some of your favorite retailers. For instance, Southwest Airlines has launched a program called “Fans Fly Free.” They’re giving away 100 pairs of round-trip tickets just for being a fan of their Facebook page. Victoria’s Secret regularly posts coupons, discount codes, and sale info on their Facebook fan page. These aren’t exceptions – many retailers are taking advantage of Facebook fan pages. My suggestion would be to search out all of your favorite stores and brands and become their “fans” on Facebook – then see what they really have to offer!

Living Social

Living Social works similarly to Groupon – there’s a daily email coupon that a certain number of people need to buy in order for the deal to go live. However, Living Social has a few different features. For instance, if you get 3 of your friends to buy the coupon, you receive that day’s deal for free! And, for every one of your friends that signs up for a free Living Social account, you both get a $5 gift card to use toward any purchase on the site. Not a bad deal!

Know of any social media retail sites that we missed? We’d love to hear about it – plus, we’re real bargain shoppers!

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