Inspiration from Anywhere

21 Apr 2008


As I missed my international flight home to Houston from Trinidad today, I was suddenly struck with an inspiration. Writers can find their muse anywhere at any time. Now, you may be wondering why being stuck at a foreign airport alone with absolutely no money and no lay of the land could inspire this thought in my mind. But just think about it. I’m sitting here, computer on my lap, just tapping away at the keys. Doesn’t matter that I’m in a place completely unfamiliar to me or that I’m completely clueless as to where I’ll lay my head tonight. It’s just me and the keyboard spending some good quality time together.

So while I’m here at the airport with a whole lot of nothing to do, I’d like to take these moments to give you some ideas about where you can find inspiration for your own writing.

Remember back to things that made you happy in your childhood. Do you recall the first time you ever rode your bike, or the time Santa left the toy you had wanted so badly under the tree? Did you play dress up in your grandmother’s attic or sell lemonade on a hot summer day? Memories like these formed you as a person, and they are the perfect way to dig deep when you feel your writing has lost some of its meaning.

Take in the scenery around you. Write about the gorgeous nature (or lack thereof) that resides around you. Watch people as they walk by – each of them unique in character and offering something special to the world. The diversity that is found in all things is a wonderful way to open your eyes (and pen) to new content.


Get out. Do you ever feel stuck in the same routine? Do something different. Go somewhere different. Take a drive, go salsa dancing on a Tuesday, sit in the sand at the beach, and hike in the mountains. Simply remove yourself from the norm that is your life, and don’t act surprised when inspiration finds you out of your element.

Read. Read books, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, blogs, articles, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Open your eyes to the way others interpret the world through writing, and inspiration may come right out and smack you in the face.

What inspires you? We’d love to hear.

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