Six Quick Tips for Better Conversion Rates: Direct Mail and Marketing Emails

15 Jul 2010


Unsolicited marketing materials – direct mail and sales emails targeting new customers – generally have low conversion rates.  Your artfully crafted letters may end up in the trash unopened, andyour emails might go ignored for weeks.

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Before shelling out money on postage or spending time on an email to drum up new business, consider the following tips to increase your conversion rates.

  1. Keep it simple. State your business and what you’re offering in the first paragraph or first few lines – that might be all the time you have to get the reader’s attention.  Save the details for later in your email.
  2. Use a P.S. line. Reader’s eyes are naturally drawn to the “P.S.” at the bottom of direct mail letters.  Use that line strategically to include new information about your product or service; use it to tell them that you’ll call to follow up; or use it to introduce an offer, i.e. “Mention this letter for 10% off service!”
  3. Bulk it up. If you’re sending direct mail, consider enclosing any additional marketing brochures and a couple of business cards.
  4. Add a coupon or special to your letter. But only if it’s appropriate to your industry.  Coupons and limited-time offers add a sense of urgency, so readers may react quicker (e.g. Half off Cut and Blow Dry for the month of July).  Some customers may switch to your services for the cost savings, and then stick with you if they like you.
  5. Follow up by phone. Again, this may only apply to certain industries.  If you’re serious about connecting with untapped customers, tell them you’ll give them a call in your letter of introduction … and then, make sure you call!
  6. Expect to keep sending letters and emails – especially if you don’t follow up by phone later.  Space out your subsequent letters every month or two.  Sometimes it may take a few times for people to see your name before they pick up and call you or buy your service.  Also, people might not always need your service immediately, so they’re likely to toss your letter or email a few times before they need it.  Take heart and realize that it’s going to take some patience and perseverance.  And when you do send out second, third, and fourth email or letter, be sure to change it up. No one wants to see the same letter over and over again.

Don’t be discouraged by traditionally low conversion rates – the people are Brandwise say that most direct mail campaigns have a 1% conversion rate (they have a cool Direct Mail ROI Calculator that may be useful), and Constant Contact reports that email open rates can vary widely – anywhere from 15-50%, with click-throughs averaging about 4% of those emails that are opened.

Of course, those are just statistics based on a wide range of variables.  Use these tips to help maximize your conversions and let us know if you have any questions!

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