Using Facebook as a Tool for Writers

24 Jun 2010


This is icon for social networking website. Th...It’s no secret that Facebook is a social networking tool that most of us use to keep up with personal contacts. And we’ve seen over and over again how businesses are using Facebook as a social media tool to successfully network with clients and customers.

Which got me thinking – how can writers harness the power of Facebook? So I went searching for the best Facebook pages I could find that were specifically targeted for writers – industry news, contests, writing tips, whatever I could find really.

So now, instead of reading about how my best friend’s sister is upset that Spain just lost a soccer match or looking at pictures of my neighbor’s new puppy, my Facebook newsfeed looks more like this:

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When John Updike died in 2009 there seemed little left to learn about him, but the prolific author was a private man. Take a look at what may be “the last great paper trail.”

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Find out whether you’re breaking rules when you use ellipses to separate sentences in e-mail messages. You can read the article or listen to the podcast at this link.


Positive vs. Negative Marketing . . . and Gamefly’s “Bad Game” TV Spot

All of these posts came from my top 5 picks for the best Facebook writing resources. They are, in no particular order:

1. Poets & Writers magazine:
2. The Association of Writers & Writing Programs:
3. Grammar Girl:
4. The New York Times:
5. And of course, our very own writing guru, Wintress Odom:

Check them out for yourself and watch your Facebook newsfeed turn into a wellspring of information and inspiration. And if you’ve got a favorite Facebook writing resource, let me know!

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