Who You Gonna Call? Ghostwriters! 7 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

12 Apr 2022


Many folks believe writing is about sitting in front of the computer and firing away at the keyboard. While writing does involve these things, it is not quite as easy as one might think. For some folks, writing can be downright challenging.

When that faucet is turned on, but words barely trickle, the thought “Who you gonna call?” has but one answer: ghostwriter!

So, it is worth looking at seven reasons why ghostwriters can come in and save the day — and help with writing.

7 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

1. Hitting the Proverbial Wall

Writing is no easy task. Just ask anyone that has tried it.

Often, aspiring writers start guns a’ blazing. They fire off word after word, page after page. Gradually, their output starts to slow down until, one day, bam!

Often, aspiring writers start guns a’ blazing. They fire off word after word, page after page. Gradually, their output starts to slow down until, one day, bam!

The dreaded wall smacks them right in the face!

Hitting the wall can become an extremely frustrating experience. No matter what anyone does, moving a manuscript along becomes increasingly tough. At that point, plenty of folks throw in the towel. While that is perfectly fine, the problem is that the writing project remains unfinished.

So, who you gonna call? Yes, that’s right!

A ghostwriter can come in to rescue an unfinished writing project. A professional ghostwriter has the skills and experience to take an unfinished project and see it to fruition. Best of all, ghostwriters know what it takes to see a project from beginning to end.

So, the next time the proverbial wall looms on the horizon, a ghostwriter can ride to the rescue.

2. Getting Radio Silence

There are times when writers get nothing but radio silence. They try their best to put pen to paper but can’t seem to get anything going. Unfortunately, getting radio silence is a lot more common than most writers want to admit.

When radio silence becomes impossible to break, there might be no choice but to call the cavalry. That is when folks call a — ghostwriter!

Indeed, calling a ghostwriter in during radio silence may serve two purposes.

First, a professional ghostwriter can kickstart the writing process. In other words, a ghostwriter can light the fuse, so to speak.

For example, a writer plans to produce a series of how-to guides. But they cannot seem to get anything done with the first volume. So, a ghostwriter comes in to produce the first one. From there, the writer can take over. In this example, the ghostwriter is a catalyst and trainer who helps the writer get their project going.

Second, a ghostwriter takes over and sees the project through to the end. Please remember there’s nothing wrong with handing over a writing project to someone else. This decision is not a sign that the task has failed. It is merely a pragmatic solution.

So, the next time there is radio silence, why sit around waiting for words to appear out of thin air? What pops up magically is a professional ghostwriter to save the day!

3. Writing is Not Your “Thing”

Writing is an art form. It requires creativity, but it also demands passion. While many folks out there have creativity, their heart just is not into writing.

Think of high-level corporate executives. These folks are wheeling and dealing regularly. But when it comes to jotting down their ideas, they are toast.

Sure, these are bigwigs that can call in the backup they need. So, who are they gonna call?

A ghostwriter!

Corporate executives generally find themselves in a tough spot.

On one hand, executives must prove they are experts. On the other hand, everyone expects them to be great at everything.

But what if writing just is not their thing?

Hiring a ghostwriter can make this situation much easier to handle. Professional ghostwriters can translate thoughts and ideas into a coherent narrative.

Think about it this way: Many people love eating but do not like cooking. So, hiring a ghostwriter is like getting help in the kitchen.

When writing is simply not your “thing,” hiring a ghostwriter can take the pressure off.

4. Timing is of the Essence

Some folks are great writers. They love it and enjoy sitting down at the keyboard. When they get on a roll, they can produce excellent content. But some of these folks have a teeny problem: They do not have any time!

These are the folks that bounce around like bingo balls every day. They have so much on their plate that writing falls through the cracks. The issue is not that they cannot or do not want to write. The issue is they simply do not have enough time.

So, who you gonna call?

That’s right!

A ghostwriter can come in to take care of the heavy lifting. Hiring a ghostwriter allows busy folks to take care of their most pressing matters while allowing the ghostwriter to put the rubber on the road. In fact, it is quite common to see high-level professionals sit down with their ghostwriters to discuss their ideas. Then, the ghostwriter can transform these broad brushstrokes into precise artwork.

Hiring a ghostwriter removes frustration and delays, thus making it easier for industrious folks to get a handle on everything going on around them.

5. Speaking Your Mind

When leaders step up to the mic, most listeners do not realize where the words come from. Of course, people like to think leaders prepare every word they say. But the truth is they do not. Most high-level executives, politicians, industry champions, celebrities, and so on need help writing their speeches.

Think about that for a minute.

Who you gonna call when you need to give a speech? A ghostwriter, that is who!

Most people do not always think of ghostwriters as speechwriters. But that is exactly the kind of thing a ghostwriter can do.

Ghostwriters can craft wonderful speeches, often on extremely short notice.

Leaders are often too busy to write their own speeches.

Also, leaders may have trouble writing. They may lack writing skills and experience or simply dislike writing.

Hiring a ghostwriter can make all those issues go away.

Think about all those speeches and talks on the news. More often than not, that is the work of a professional ghostwriter on display. Ghostwriters are like magicians. They make words suddenly appear with a wave of their pen — or keyboard.

It may seem like magic, but it is really not. It is just the work of a talented ghostwriter on display.

6. Translating Technical Language

Technical documentation is generally the toughest to write.

How so?

Well, think about it for a minute. Imagine a complex machine with lots of high-tech components. Now, imagine explaining how that machine works to the average person.

The challenge lies in taking highly specific concepts and transforming them into easily digestible material. After all, not everyone is an expert in everything.

So, who you gonna call to write technical documentation?


A professional ghostwriter can translate technical documentation into an easy-to-understand format.

Think of all the user manuals and how-to guides in everyday life. Some are quite easy to follow. Others are extremely hard to follow.

Guess which ones are the result of a ghostwriter’s work?

Indeed, hiring a ghostwriter to produce technical documentation can make technical language much easier to follow. Technical ghostwriters with the proper background can take the most complex ideas and make them accessible to the average public.

Thanks to capable ghostwriters, people can easily operate their TV sets and computers.

7. Putting Everything Together

Think about this situation:

Months of research. Weeks of planning and outlining. Days of curating content. Days, and days, and days of writing, and … zilch!

Unfortunately, this situation happens. Professionals of all disciplines spend considerable time conducting research and planning books, papers, conferences, presentations, and speeches but are somehow unable to articulate their findings into a fluid narrative.

So, who you gonna call?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A ghostwriter can parachute in to rescue a stalled research project.

Ghostwriters are adept at compiling research to craft a fluid narrative that aptly depicts findings and conclusions.

Scientific research projects, genealogy, company history, product development, and financial management are just some of the disciplines where a ghostwriter can help.

In reality, there is no limit to what the right ghostwriter can do.

Ghostwriters come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in backgrounds and expertise. Of course, the challenge is finding the right fit. But there is plenty of reason to be optimistic. The perfect ghostwriter is out there somewhere!

Advantages of Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter is one of the best decisions an individual or company can make.

How so?

Here are three compelling reasons why hiring a ghostwriter is one of the best decisions to make.

1. Saving Time and Effort

Ghostwriters save time and effort. When projects stall, for whatever reason, there are two choices. The first is to let the project grind to a halt. The second is to give it a jumpstart. When projects need that extra kick, hiring a ghostwriter can be the difference between getting the project done and letting it languish.

Ghostwriters can also lighten the load on any project. Think about the investment in time and effort it takes to do research, compile information, and develop ideas. Putting pen to paper might seem like the easiest part of the project, right?

Well, not so fast.

There are times when articulating an entire body of research is the toughest part. At that point, a ghostwriter can come in to shoulder some, or even all, of the burden. When projects get to be overwhelming, a professional ghostwriter can become the perfect choice.

2. Finding a Trusted Partner

A great ghostwriter will easily become a trusted partner.

How so?

More often than not, ghostwriters become quite familiar with their clients’ thoughts, feelings, ideas, and aspirations.

Ghostwriters also become enablers of their clients’ dreams and ambitions.

As a result, ghostwriters become trusted partners in helping folks achieve their dreams.

Does that sound like hyperbole? Hardly!

Think about this situation:

A high-level corporate executive has been mulling over writing their memoir. They have been compiling information for weeks. Once they have compiled photos, documents, notes, and diaries, they are ready to write. But the words somehow do not seem to flow.

Who can make this dream come to life?

No doubt about it!

In situations like this, a ghostwriter becomes a dream enabler. Think about that executive’s feelings once their memoir is complete. Thanks to a ghostwriter, their dream became a reality.

3. Having a Multifaceted Professional

Ghostwriters often wear many hats. They generally come with a specific academic and work background. Plus, they combine exceptional writing and communication skills. Now, the best ghostwriters often have experience in numerous areas. They can tackle a variety of subjects and fields.

But that’s not all.

Ghostwriters also have varied skillsets. They are adept at research, interpretation, paraphrasing, and even language translation. When all those skills come together, a ghostwriter becomes an outstanding individual. Talented ghostwriters encompass a range of talents in a single professional.

When hiring a ghostwriter, folks do not only get a scribe. They get a basket of talents neatly packaged and gift-wrapped.

One Final Thought

Hiring a ghostwriter can make any project much easier to complete. However, the question is: How can you find the perfect ghostwriter?

Finding the perfect ghostwriter often takes time and patience.

While there are plenty of wonderful ghostwriters out there, not all have the right combination of knowledge and experience.

So, do take the time to talk to ghostwriters. Get a feel for their experience and area of expertise.

From there, making a decision becomes much easier.

But there is one other important consideration. There is that 'it' factor that all people possess.

The perfect ghostwriter is that person who often clicks on the first meeting. Never ignore this factor.

When ghostwriters and clients click on a personal level, any writing project becomes that much easier to complete.

The next time anyone yells, “Who you gonna call?”

The perfect ghostwriter is already on speed dial!

Zach Richter 

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