Writers’ Tips for Working from Home

05 Jan 2021


Ever since COVID-19 lockdowns started in March of 2020 and forced many people to work from home, the internet has been full of hilarious memes. From jokes about doing Zoom calls in your pajamas, to cartoons depicting parents trying to work with kids in the house, it’s clear that the switch from the office to working remotely has been a challenge for many.

There is one group of people who are well versed in the art of working from home, though. Those people are writers!

With frequent deadlines hanging over their heads, writers are no stranger to hunkering down and isolating in order to get their work done.

In this great blog from The Guardian, they take some of the best work-from-home advice from great writers and compile it to help readers manage their work and thrive during these crazy times.

While some of the tips, such as making sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise, may seem obvious, the blog also provides helpful advice, such as getting the hard things done first and quarantining yourself from the internet and social media.

Although many people have been working from home for the better part of this year, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed at times. But don’t lose faith in yourself.  After all, William Shakespeare wrote one of his greatest works—King Lear—while quarantining during the Plague. So, if he can do it, so can you!

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