11 Weird Habits That Writers Can Relate To

29 Aug 2019


We writers are a funny breed.

I don’t know if it is the fact that a lot of us work from home, and spend most of our time in the sole company of our own imaginations (and a strong cup of coffee), or if it is because our livelihoods depend on our ability to find the inspiration to put words to paper (which is not always easy to do, when you’re staring at a computer screen all day).

Whatever the reason may be, as writers, we tend to have some habits that other people may view as strange or eccentric. The interesting thing is, though, that most of these habits are things that a lot of writers can relate to in some way. In fact, this great article from Bustle.com shares 11 weird habits that they believe all writers will find relatable.

For example, if you were to sit down with a writer for a day, you would very likely notice that we talk to ourselves…a lot. Sometimes we are just thinking aloud. Other times, we may be reading sentences to ourselves in order to make sure they sound right or brainstorming outlines and story ideas.

Another thing we tend to have in common is our strange internet search history.

Many people don’t realize how much research goes into writing. And in doing that research, we frequently have to Google things that may seem odd or unsettling to the average person. So, if we are writing a piece about Medieval England, it is likely that our internet history will show extensive research into torture devices and beheadings, among other things.

And if we are writing a suspenseful murder mystery, you can only imagine what kinds of gruesome things we may be researching.

It’s all part of the job—We just have to hope that our research never lands us on an FBI watch list!

Yes, writing can be a strange profession, and the people who choose this profession can definitely be a bit quirky and peculiar. But, if you ask me, that’s part of what makes writers so great!

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