Time Zones Cheat Sheet For Writers

03 Sep 2019


As a writer who works remotely, and occasionally travels for different genealogy and family history projects, calculating time zones is always an issue for me.

I live in the Mountain time zone, but the majority of the writers I work with go by Central time. And with clients all over the world, scheduling conference calls can become quite challenging.

Thanks to one of my fellow writers, though, I now have a tool that can alleviate some of the confusion.

This awesome time converter from worldtimebuddy.com allows you to enter places or time zones around the world, and it will automatically tell you what time and date it is in that specific place.

The free account will allow you to add up to four different locations around the globe.

But if your needs expand beyond just four locations or time zones, World Time Buddy offers a paid service for as many locations as you need. And there are even options for multi-user subscriptions.

Not only does this great site calculate time zones for you, its expansive features also give you the ability to overlay Google calendars so you can find open time slots for scheduling conference calls. And once those open time slots are found, you can even create an event page right on the site to share publicly with others.

Jennifer Rizzo 
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