Amazing Foods That Help You Write Well

17 Sep 2019


As writers, our greatest tools are our minds. And when our minds are not functioning properly, our ability to produce quality work is greatly affected.

While things such as getting enough sleep and reducing stress are important for our brain function, equally important are the foods that we are eating. But, what foods are the best choices to help nourish both our bodies and our minds?

According to this interesting article from The Frangipani Creative, there are a variety of foods that are incredibly beneficial to our brains (and can actually help improve our writing).

Folate-rich foods such as avocado, green vegetables, lentils, and beets can help by sharpening our minds and improving concentration.

If stress reduction is what you need, foods like blueberries, walnuts, and apples are great choices. They are high in gallic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect our brains from stress and degeneration. Another great group of antioxidants that protects our brains from degeneration are flavonoids. You can get your dose of these by eating dark chocolate, strawberries, and green tea, among other things.

When looking for a boost in your cognitive function, foods that are high in Vitamin K (spinach, kale, broccoli, and dairy, to name a few) are great choices. These powerful foods can even help to sharpen your memory and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s!

Foods high in choline, such as peanuts, meat, and eggs, are also great for boosting mental clarity and memory.

So, next time you are feeling like your brain could use a boost, reach for a snack full of these essential nutrients. They are sure to be just the pick-up you need!

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