Word Tip of the Week: Add Another Language to Spell Check

12 Feb 2018


Are you tired of Word giving you a long errors list because you use languages other than English in your writing?

If you’re a science writer who uses a lot of Latin words, or anyone else who uses dual languages in your writing, then you can speed up the spell-checking process with the Languages feature.

This feature allows you to add languages to your spell checker so that a) those languages don’t come up as errors, and b) Word will make sure you get the spelling right.

To tweak the languages in Word:

1. Go to File -> Options

2. When the dialogue box opens, click on Language

3. Under Choose Editing Languages, use the drop-down menu to choose a language you want to add. Click Add.



4. Repeat as necessary to add more languages. Click OK.

Now your spell checker is finally multilingual!

Looking for more ways to maximize Microsoft Word? Stay tuned for more “word tips of the week.”



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