Daily Lit-erary Therapy in Your Inbox

17 Feb 2010


Good writers are generally voracious readers (feel free to challenge me on that claim if you want!). For a writer, reading is just like warming up and stretching your brain before you sprint into a new project.

Here’s my favorite way to get a little reading time in throughout the day (which also doubles as a convenient 5-minute afternoon break): Daily Lit. With Daily Lit, you can read books via email or RSS feed. Just go to the website, browse their book selection, and sign up to receive books delivered straight to your Inbox or RSS feed.

Daily Lit has a large selection of fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business, foreign language, philosophy, and poetry books (that’s just a partial list, go here to browse their categories). Daily Lit will send you one installment of your chosen book every day, broken down into a bite-sized chunk that takes about 5-10 minutes to read.

Have a cup of coffee with your Daily Lit for a relaxing writing break (Note: makes a great work break for ANYONE, not just writers!). The best part? Some of the Daily Lit book selection come with a nominal fee, but most are completely free. (Update 2/24/10: ALL of the selections on Daily Lit are free, folks!)

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