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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, “ghostwriting?” Celebrities? Former presidents? More people use this service than you might expect. And clients rely on ghostwriting for much more than book projects, too. During this interview, The Writers For Hire owner Wintress Odom explains the types of services ghostwriters provide,
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Interview: Answering Your Questions About Thought Leadership

“Thought Leadership” is a hot topic among marketing departments looking for content and companies looking to make a name for themselves within their industry. But what is it and how do you do it? In this interview on The Price of Business, Wintress Odom, editor-in-chief of The Writers For Hire, answers the basics about who
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Writing a Book for Your Business

Thinking of writing a book? Writing expert Wintress Odom, owner of The Writers for Hire, says you need to answer a few essential questions before you get started. In her interview with the host of The Price of Business, Wintress discusses how to determine whether writing a book would be beneficial to your business. Specifically,
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Thought Leadership How-To

Thought Leadership: How To Do It  You’ve made a decision to take your business game to the next level.  You know a thought leadership campaign will get you there.  So, how do you do it? How to Develop a Thought Leadership Campaign  If it’s a sales pitch, it’s not thought leadership. “True thought leadership starts
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Think It Through: Why You Need Thought Leadership Now

You’re thinking about retirement. You pick up a magazine, read some articles, and then call an investor. You’re looking for ways to better manage your team at work. You get an email about team management with a link to a blog post. It has some great ideas that will work for your situation. You are
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The Truth About Ghostwriting

Ronald Reagan once quipped about his autobiography, “I hear it’s a terrific book. One of these days I’m going to read it myself.” Rarely does a celebrity exhibit such candor in acknowledging their partnership with a ghostwriter. In fact, the entire practice of ghostwriting seems shaded in mystery. To deconstruct the myths and doubts surrounding
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Getting Your Book on the Shelf

It’s the critical question all would-be authors keep asking: How do I get my book published? Dino Price has been the managing director of John M. Hardy Publishing in Houston for three years, but his background is in business development and marketing strategies. That combination of experiences makes him a very useful resource for up-and-coming
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Ghostwriter, Publisher Insights

By Katherine Adams It’s not easy to build a reputation in the field of ghostwriting. After all, when a ghostwriter authors books, articles, reports, and the like, the work is officially credited to another person. Still, Wintress Odom, owner of The Writers For Hire, manages to lead one of the most sought-after teams of ghostwriters
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Make More Money by Self-Publishing Online

I was listening to the radio when my ears perked up by some extra-pertinent information: how the business of publishing is changing – and how authors are making more money than ever using the internet. There have traditionally been two ways to get your book in front of a mass audience:
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