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With the rising use of smart devices, online video has become an essential instrument in the on-demand learning and development toolbox. But scripting a training or educational video on your own can be a lesson in frustration.

You’ve got to:

  • Grab and keep the learner’s attention.
  • Make your content thorough but not overly complex, entertaining yet still meaningful.
  • Figure out how to balance what you need the learner to know with what he or she wants to learn.

Not sure you have the knowledge to tick off all those boxes? We do. Our writers know how to communicate key concepts simply. That keeps learners engaged – so your video will get used, not ignored. And that is critically important when it comes to reaching younger learners with shorter attention spans.

Working with Your SMEs

Getting to the heart of the topic often involves interviewing subject matter experts, and that can be a bit tricky. After all, these are individuals whose knowledge is in-depth and all-encompassing, and whose interest in their subject is typically all-consuming. That means it’s not always easy for them to limit themselves to providing only what’s relevant for your particular project.

Fortunately, our writers all have backgrounds in journalism. Why is this important? It means they’re adept at asking the right questions, keeping conversations with experts on track, and winnowing out the best information. It also means they can write video scripts that are rich in information but the right length for today’s learners.

Although video learning continues to evolve, there are some best practices to keep in mind

  • Make the introduction compelling and welcoming to draw the audience in. Don’t do a big wind-up at the start. Instead, lead with the most important information. You can provide context and details as you go along. Tell viewers what they can expect to learn – and what you expect them to do or know when the video is over.
  • Include a transcript, so learners have something to refer back to.
  • Closed captioning or superimposed text isn’t just for those with hearing disabilities. It helps all learners keep up and better understand what you’re saying.
  • Add interactive elements. For example, quizzes keep your audience engaged and also let them check for understanding.
  • Demonstrate both the how-to and a how-not-to.
  • Include (scripted or highly edited) interviews with subject matter experts, experienced employees, and others. Not only does this give the video personality, it makes the topic more relatable.
  • Have a strong call to action. Make sure the viewer understands what they should do next.

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