Don’t sell the car. Sell the Nissan.


Don’t sell the car. Sell the Nissan.

Imagine you walk into an auto dealership, and the salesman walks up to you and says “Hey, we got these great cars! They can take you from home to work much faster than a bicycle, and did you know that almost everyone in the US owns at least one?” You’d look at him like he was nuts.

You don’t want to be sold on the benefits of a car. You want to know why his cars are better than other cars. You want to know why the Nissan Pathfinder is better than the Ford 4Runner or why you should buy the Honda Civic over the Toyota Corolla.

Yet as a copywriter, I can’t tell you how many times I see the former pitch rather than the latter on people’s webpages. For some reason when people write web copy, people insist on selling the car, not the Nissan. They’ll tell me all about why I need maid service, when I’m already on the maid service page.

Guys, if I’m on the maid service page, then I’m looking for maid service. I already know that a cleaner house will make my kids safer and my guests happier. Don’t tell me that in the first sentence. It’s an egregious waste of space.

Tell me why your maid service is better than the other five maid service pages I just visited. Give me your main differentiator. Up there. Up front. Up bold. In my face. So I can’t miss it. Because you’ve only got a few seconds of my time. Don’t waste them trying to convince me that having domestic help will “take away my worries and give me time to go the spa.” I’m sold on that already. Sell me on you.

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    Posted by Pareja on
    • Jul 2 2009
    Your post The Write Blog » Don’t sell the car. Sell the Nissan. was very interesting when I found it over google on Thursday by my search for maid service. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.
    Posted by Tonneau Covers on
    • Jan 18 2010
    Nice explaination approach and the maid service example. Now I get back to my copyrighting with a bit different approach. Thanks!
    Posted by juvelyn on
    • Mar 5 2010
    I like your blog. It is one way of how to sell your product and services to the market. People are more convinced if you sell them the better side of the product or services and how it differ from the other.
    Posted by Xenon Lights on
    • Jul 12 2010
    now I always remember your article when passing nissan dealership )) you just sold nissan writing an aritcle for copywriters )

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