Proofreading Challenge Answers


  1. “Formation’s” should be “formations” (without the apostrophe) because it is a plural noun, not a possessive noun.
  2. “Was” is followed immediately by another “was” — the second “was” should be deleted.
  3. “Use” should be “used” to keep the verb tenses consistent.
  4. The comma after “drilling” is unnecessary and should be deleted.
  5. “Acess” is missing a “c” and should be spelled “access.”
  6. The comma between “sand” and “are” should be deleted.
  7. “Natural” should not be capitalized.
  8. Add a period between “well” and “The” to avoid a run-on sentence.
  9. There is an extra “l” in the word “drilling.”
  10. There is an extra period after the word “cost” — one of them should be deleted.

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