The Keyword Game: Basic SEO Tips


The Keyword Game: Basic SEO Tips

I recently attended another webinar, this one through PRWeb entitled “How to Use Your News to Bring Customers Straight to Your Door.” As you know, SEO is the name of the game in establishing a strong online presence – whether you’re selling running shoes or life coaching services.

Janet Driscoll Miller is President and CEO of Search Mojo, and a bonafide guru when it comes to all things related to search engine optimization. The foundation of any SEO program, she says, is keywords. Making sure you find the best keywords for your business is the easiest way to optimize your website or press release so that your name comes up first in Google or Yahoo! searches, driving traffic to your site.

Keywords need to be:

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Researched: Google has a free tool here: This tool allows you to look up keywords to see how often they are searched for on Google. Just for giggles, let’s say you have an online store that specializes in key duplication. Your website may be optimized for “key duplication,” but the Google tool says that “key copy” is a much more popular search. A smart businessman would change his optimization to “key copy” immediately – and then sit back and watch traffic to his site spike. When you use the tool, try a couple of different keyword combinations to find the most popular.

Targeted: You don’t want to have a keyword that’s too broad or generic like “purses.” You’ll likely find that the competition is too stiff when your keyword is overreaching. Make sure you target the keyword to your specific product or service – something more like “eco-friendly purses.”

Dense: Optimum keyword density is anywhere between 2% and 4% per page on your site. You don’t want to overrun your site with keywords, because it makes your content unreadable – and hurts your search engine ranking.

Open-minded. Ok, little joke. Your keywords don’t have to be open-minded, but you should be. The best keyword for your business might not be what you have branded on your website – for instance, your business may sell “preowned vehicles,” but the fact of the matter is “used car” is a more popular search. You may have to bite the bullet and optimize for a keyword that you don’t have branded on your website – but it’s going to work.

In addition, there are many professional search engine optimization services that can help optimize your website or press releases.

These are just a few tips to get you started on SEO for your website and press releases. Have any questions – feel free to ask!

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Posted by Michelle  Posted on 18 Jul 
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    Posted by SMM News on
    • Jul 18 2009
    The Write Blog » The Keyword Game: Basic SEO Tips
    Posted by Todd Gaster on
    • Jul 19 2009
    The Write Blog » The Keyword Game: Basic SEO Tips: As you know, SEO is the name of the game in establishing a st..
    Posted by bestonlinegolf on
    • Jul 19 2009
    The Write Blog » The Keyword Game: Basic SEO Tips
    Posted by oyun on
    • Jul 20 2009
    thank you for your advice.
      Posted by Michelle on
      • Jul 20 2009
      Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions!
    Posted by RankUno on
    • Jul 27 2009
    Keyword Variations: You can have keyword variations in your web page. If your keyword is "video optimization tips", the variations could be like, tips for video optimization, optimization tips for videos.
    Posted by Rob on
    • Aug 16 2009
    As well as keyword variations, you can also include related keywords that take advantage of latent sematic indexing to further give your site more authority.
    Posted by Wintress on
    • Aug 17 2009
    Hi Rob -- thanks! Can you expand? I'd love to hear more about latent semantic indexing...sounds fun!
    Posted by Dianne on
    • Sep 21 2009
    wow this is a great article, and very informative, Good work!!
    Posted by Link on
    • Dec 1 2009
    Hi - nice intro post.. I found this while searching on words I would have expected to find my blog on as a test. What you have written about is really my scene and if you want a second option on anything then feel free to give me a shout, however, the most eye catching thing for me was the mention of the use of press releases. This is something i have no experience with and wanted to do a little reading on but when I clicked the link in the post above it was broken, has your page on PR been taken down or are we just looking at a rogue link?
    Posted by Wintress on
    • Dec 4 2009
    Thanks @link. It was a broken link, but I fixed it.
    Posted by Saad Paki on
    • Dec 26 2009
    Nice article. But the problem is that due to modern blogging phenomenon, many people especially those who don't have any web designing or HTML experience have jumped in the pool thus making the competition even more tough. So I want to say is that finding the right keywords is becoming more and more difficult. The beginners like me should concentrate on those key words which are searched 600 to 1000 times per month. I know this will not attract great visitors but it seems to be the only remedy and a good starting technique.
    Posted by backlink profile on
    • Nov 29 2010
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    Posted by SEO Ottawa on
    • May 24 2011
    I have been using The Google External tool alongside with a tool called Market Samurai (it's a paid tool); I find it very useful for my keyword research. Do you have other tools that you could recommend for keyword research? (hopefully, cheaper) SEO company Ottawa
    Posted by Magenta Smith on
    • Jun 3 2011
    well, aside from looking up for the popularity of the keywords form consumers' point of view, one also needs to check its competitiveness. There are also free tools for this.
    Posted by InternetEducation101 on
    • Jun 6 2011
    I appreciate free information because each time I read another point of view or another way of earning money online, I learn something new that helps me think outside of my box. I've come to realize that there is so much more to learn and each week I learn a little bit more. Have a great day.
    Posted by Julia Anderson on
    • Jul 29 2011
    Thanks for this priceless tip. I'm still in the process of thoroughly learning SEO, and I thought this page has been a great help.
    Posted by epson powerlite home cinema on
    • Aug 10 2011
    Thanks for the tips.. Because I'm really having a hard time doing seo for my website.. What are the other techniques in building links and to improve my search engine ranking in Google?
    Posted by Counselling London on
    • Sep 28 2011
    This is the first time i heard the "Keyword game", one SEO Tip. Hope it can help SEOer in their work. Thanks!
    Posted by melbourne SEO on
    • Oct 10 2011
    Google Adword external keyword tool is the Best source.
    Posted by Felt Ball Rug on
    • May 6 2012
    Which is not something I typically do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think.
    Posted by Makeup Coupons on
    • May 14 2012
    I agree that Google keyword search is the best free tool around. There are other good software, but they'll cost you money.

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