12 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

12 Dec 2023


Most people have one family member or friend who is impossible to shop for during the holiday season. You probably have them in mind right now. No matter how many hours you spend searching, you can never seem to find them the perfect gift.

Well, this year, you’re going to change all that with a unique gift even the most discerning individual will love. Here are the twelve best holiday gift ideas for the person who has everything.   

12 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything 

1. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are all the rage this year. However, the idea has been around for a long time. It’s just now catching on for more product categories. 

For example, instead of getting a box of frozen meat delivered to your house every month, you can receive clothing, toys, fancy cheeses, and even fresh oysters.

There seems to be a gift box for almost everyone. 

The only thing that may deter you is the recurring monthly fee. Some subscriptions can cost up to $1,000 per year. For a more discerning budget, consider a quarterly option. 

2. Their Very Own Star

While it may seem a bit cheesy to name a star after someone, it’s the thought that counts. No one cares if NASA is involved or not. It’s the fact that you took the time to register their name that matters. 

The process is also easier than you might realize. You simply go online, sign up for a package, and choose a star to name.  

The recipient will get a certificate, a star chart, and a free app download describing where their star is located. They also have the option of deciding which star to choose for themselves. 

3. Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet

For the person already into essential oil products, a diffuser bracelet offers a unique addition to their collection. Now, they can get a whiff of their favorite fragrance, even while away from home.  

Most of these wearable jewelry items are made from an absorbent material such as leather or stone. The wearer simply adds a drop or two of essential oils directly onto the bracelet.

Essential oil diffuser bracelets come in many styles and colors. You can also opt for a diffuser necklace if bracelets aren’t your thing.  

4. Pet Portrait Necklace 

Do you have a friend or loved one who constantly raves about their dog or cat? Now you can show how much you value their furry companion by gifting them a pet portrait necklace.

These beautiful coin necklaces come in 16-inch or 18-inch chains with either a silver or gold finish. 

To order, you will have to send a picture of their pet to the artist so they can sketch their likeness onto a metal pendant.

However, this step can get tricky since Fido may be a Rottweiler who hasn’t learned to trust you yet. Worse, your friend could catch you snapping photos of their pet and become suspicious.  

Another alternative is to find out what breed it is and have the artist do a rendition of a reasonable standard. After all, close is probably close enough.   

Just be sure to spell the pet’s name correctly. 

5. Shiatsu Massager 

Don’t settle for giving a typical boring massager this year. Instead, give the gift that provides real relaxation: A shiatzu massager!  

The main difference is in the nodes that penetrate deep into tight muscles.

These portable massagers are great for relieving tension from your shoulders, lower back, and neck area.  

Most shiatzu massagers have an optional heat setting to help relieve the muscles that don’t seem to let go.

Be sure to get one with adjustable straps. Even better are the ones with a car adapter so you can sneak in a quick massage during your lunch break. 

6. Adventure Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster 

For those people you know who are on the adventurous side, consider giving them a bucket list scratch-off poster. As the name implies, these are 100 things to do before kicking the bucket.  

Since each poster comes in a plastic tube, they’re simple to gift wrap. 

Each scratch-off panel has something new to do each week, so your friend will never be bored. The list includes everything from taking a cooking class to jumping out of a fully functioning airplane.

7. Name Earrings 

Who doesn’t love the sound and look of their own name? Now you can remind someone how sweet it is by making earrings out of their name.  

It’s basically the same process as pet portrait jewelry, but instead of sending in a picture, you simply type in your recipient’s name. Then, the artist will carve the metal so their name will come out in either cursive or print form. 

The jeweler typically uses posts for the backing. Still, you may be able to find some that dangle either with chains or hoops if you search hard enough. 

8. Solar-Powered Phone Charger 

For the environmentally conscious person in your life, there’s the solar-powered phone charger. It uses the sun’s natural energy to provide charging power for your phone or other portable devices. 

These high-tech power banks make a great gift for anyone struggling to find suitable outlets to charge their phone during the day. They're also ideal for taking on camping or hiking trips.  

Tired of scrambling for that last plug-in at the airport? With a portable solar-powered phone charger, you no longer have to fight someone else for an electrical charging outlet.  

9. Mini Pocket Projector 

Now your friend or loved one can have a movie night at home or even while enjoying the great outdoors. These tiny pocket projectors pair up easily with any smartphone or laptop.  

Several models feature superb visual quality and can be compared to most high-end movie projectors. Some even come with surround-sound technology.  

Watch your favorite streaming channels without any delays. Also, since it’s so small, you can take it anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal.  

10. Hand-Written Custom Dish Towel 

Raise the bar of personalized gift-giving this year with a set of customized printed dish towels.

Everyone does the dishes, right? So, why not include a personalized touch in a familiar kitchen accessory?

To order online, select a color for your towel. Then, you’ll be prompted to load an image or design to customize it. You can choose from the company’s library of photos, images, and designs or upload your own. You’re only limited by what you can dream up.

Some people even write their family’s secret recipes on them!

11. Wine Subscription

A monthly or quarterly wine subscription can be the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

With all the current options available, you can get almost any kind of wine shipped to your friend’s home.  

However, as with any subscription plan, your budget will often dictate the quality and how often they receive their shipments. As a rule of thumb, the better the wine, the bigger the price tag.  

Also, it’s good to gauge just how picky this person is before plunking down your hard-earned cash.

After all, you don’t want them to be stuck with a year’s worth of wine they won’t drink.  

12. Custom Memoir Book 

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether young or old, people from all backgrounds experience triumph and tragedy unique only to them.  

That’s why nothing says you love someone more than allowing them to tell their personal story. What results is a timeless treasure that can be passed down to future generations.  

Upon completion of your order, The Writers For Hire Team will contact you to learn more about your loved one. Then, we will set up an interview so they can share their important memories. 

When we have all the information we need, our expert memoir writers will transcribe the interview notes.

Once completed, you will receive a beautifully published, hard-cover book, up to 100 pages and including up to 10 photos you provide.

For more information on how to order your memoir book, call The Writers For Hire at (713) 465-6860. You can also go to our order page if you are ready to start now.  

Steve Epperson 

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