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20 May 2008


Question: How do I draw more traffic to my website?

Answer: Write and publish articles online. Not only will pull more traffic to your website, but you gain credibility by establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

For example, if you are trying to attract people to a website promoting your Kickboxing Academy, then you would write articles like How to Throw a Punch, 10 Reasons to Try Kickboxing, Self Defense Techniques, and so on. Anything and everything having to do with Kickboxing is fair game – even How to Start Your Own Kickboxing Academy.

Since you are the expert, assert yourself as such so that your readers know your website is the real deal.


Question: What do I do with the articles after they are written?

Answer: There are tons of free, online article posting sites where you can submit your articles, and webmasters can use them as content for other sites. Some article posting sites include www.ezinearticles.com, www.articledashboard.com, and www.shorttext.com. These are just a few, but a simple Google search will give you lots more.

Question: What happens to my articles after they are posted?

Answer: Webmasters can use your articles for their sites as long as they don’t change any of your content, and they give a link back to your website. While they get free content, you get to keep your copyright on the material, tell a bit of information about yourself and your site at the bottom of the article, and get a link back to your website. The more sites that pick up your article, the bigger the boost you will see in traffic to your website.

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