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10 Sep 2015


By Katherine Adams

It’s not easy to build a reputation in the field of ghostwriting. After all, when a ghostwriter authors books, articles, reports, and the like, the work is officially credited to another person. Still, Wintress Odom, owner of The Writers For Hire, manages to lead one of the most sought-after teams of ghostwriters in Houston — and the U.S.

Odom recently provided a glimpse into the world of ghostwriting during an interview on “The Price of Business,” aired on Business Talk Radio 1110 AM KTEK. (Check out the interview below.)

Odom’s interviewer, guest presenter Dino Price, is the managing director of Houston-based John M. Hardy Publishing. Both had stories to share.

The Writers For Hire is a ghostwriting service that offers a business everything it could need in terms of writing services,” Odom told Price. “That includes writing marketing copy, websites, brochures, white papers, and full-length books. Our favorites are autobiographies. We love to tell stories and family histories.”

Wintress Odom Wintress OdomPrice said that his publishing company also has a special interest in Texas non-fiction stories and autobiographies. “We are losing our history,” he said. “There’s not enough people out there trying to put history back on paper. Wintress is filling in that niche, and I’m trying to publish as many of those stories about family histories here in Texas as I can.”

“The work The Writers For Hire does in ghostwriting books tends to fall into multiple categories,” Odom explained.

“We work with working or retired business executives to publish books on their area of expertise, like finance, hedge funds, or startups.”

The Writers For Hire has also ghostwritten a true crime book, Odom added. “That really wasn’t really a business book, but it was still really fun.

“Another project we’ve got is about the impact of the American shale revolution in the oil and gas industry.”

Additional topics include self-help and how-to books with experts in medicine or relationships. “And then, of course, we have our incredible autobiographical stories, which we’re honored to tell,” Odom said.

Dino Price width= Dino PriceShe said she believes the success of The Writers For Hire could be attributed to customer service. “It’s one thing to be a great writer, but to be a great ghostwriter, you also have to work well with clients,” she said. “Great writing is the result of a collaborative effort. It has to be their voice. We are just the medium.”

Odom said that because of the nature of The Writers For Hire’s services, she can’t get too specific about the company’s projects.

Price said that he’s in the midst of putting together a coalition of publishers with the goal of achieving wider distribution for their novels. “We’re going to call it the Texas Publishers’ Coalition, and we’re in negotiations with Baker & Taylor, Simon and Schuster, and Hachette,” he said.

For more information about The Writers For Hire, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about John Hardy Publishing, visit or follow it on Facebook or Twitter.

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