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28 Jan 2011


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Thinking about starting a new Wikipedia article for yourself or your business – but you just don’t know where to start?  As we’ve mentioned before, not every article idea or subject is appropriate for Wikipedia (go here for a few pointers).

So your first step is to determine if your personal/business/product/other Wikipedia article will pass Wikipedia’s guidelines (otherwise, your article will be deleted without notice – all that hard work down the drain).

How do you know if your article is Wiki-worthy?  Well, it’s time to ask some cool Wikipedia consultants.

Leave us a comment and we’ll help you determine if your idea is a good fit for Wikipedia or not.  All we need to know is:

  1. What your article is about
  2. A few details about your article, such as why it’s relevant historically, globally, culturally, etc.
  3. Your email (optional) if you’d prefer we followup up with you that way

We’ll be sure to get back to you and get you started on your new Wikipedia page.

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One thought on “Help for New Wikipedia Articles

  1. Hi Smink,

    Sure. Are they new Wiki topics that aren’t currently covered? Or are you adding on to current Wiki topics?

    Just as a heads up: If they’re opinion based (for example: your view on where Chinese economy is heading; or your ideas on stock picks), then they wouldn’t be accepted by Wiki.

    In any case, go ahead and send them over to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to take a look and see if they meet Wiki’s general guidelines for acceptable topics.

    Best regards,


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