The Secret to Producing Successful Blog Posts

26 Dec 2016


Thank you to Michelle Rebecca for this guest post.

Just about anybody can be a blogger, but it takes a certain set of skills, knowledge, and experience to consistently write popular posts.

When it comes to creating content for an online audience, you can be the best writer in the world and have little impact unless you know the tricks to the trade. If you are just establishing yourself as a blogger or feel like you aren’t getting the attention you deserve, consider these four expert tips that are sure to give your blogs a boost in popularity.

Grab Attention

While at the end of the day your posts will be judged by the content within them, a sure-fire way to attract a writersforhire2-300x141wider readership is to create a title that demands attention. Creating attention-grabbing headlines is the No. 1 rule of all forms of mass communication, from newspapers to blog posts.

You want to captivate the reader by using words that resonate; your title should promise to deliver the answer to an age-old question or provide insight on a hot-button topic. Make your titles short and to the point, and give a compelling reason for the reader to click on your story to find out more. Make your title a question so the reader is forced to read your blog to find out the answer. You can also try making your blog post titles a little shocking.

Make It Inviting

No one likes seeing giant blocks of text, online or not. However, online readers are more turned off by the look writersforhire3-300x225of a blog post that’s long, dense, and ultimately foreboding than people who also read traditional forms of media.
Be sure to organize your posts into easily digestible sections, starting with a snappy introduction that pulls the reader in, and continuing in short paragraphs of concise information no longer than three or four sentences. Whenever applicable, use bullet points and numbered lists to support your ideas.

Tip: Add in a few condensed “tips” or “hints” that will help your readers put your ideas into practice. You want to make sure your reader feels like your post actually helped them.

Preach to the Choir

If you want to grow your readership on the Web, choose subjects that register with a large audience. As long as you are demonstrating a unique perspective and speaking from a place of authority, everything is fair game.
Try formulating your concepts in high-interest areas such as popular culture, personal finance, or how-to subjects. Just remember to be original and choose to add something new to the conversation rather than going over the same old ground that’s been covered a thousand times.

If you’re an extremely opinionated person, try to restrain yourself from getting too one-sided in your blog posts. Taking a stance on a controversial topic will result in a much smaller readership than a neutral blog.

If you feel as though you absolutely must express your opinion on something, consider incorporating a weekly or monthly opinion piece into your blogging schedule.


Throw In Some Eye Candy

Nothing puts the bow on a blog post better than the addition of an appropriate visual element.

Whether it’s an instructional video, creative infographic, or good old-fashion photo, you can draw a bigger crowd by adding visuals for support. Sites like Pinterest, Wanelo, and Instagram have made people very spoiled when it comes to visuals. The increased use of infographics and videographics are great examples of how visually based we’re becoming.
People may be bored by text, but turn that text into an image, and people are so much more likely to read it. Plus, many people are visual learners, and including a visual that illustrates a point will help them better understand what you’re saying.

Visuals also make the post look more polished and professional, and they give you the opportunity to connect with potential readers before they read a single word.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re blogging for legal professionals or executive resume writers, you’ll have more success if you tailor your style to the online reader. By choosing compelling titles, formatting your work for readability, adding visual elements, and choosing favored genres, you will surely see a boost in the popularity of your posts.

Michelle Rebecca is a writer, blogger, and freelancer who currently resides in Mechanicsburg, Pa. After attending college in Pittsburgh, she worked a large variety of jobs before finally realizing that writing is her true passion. She also enjoys social media, and is constantly fascinated by how social media brings people together and allows connections worldwide – connections that used to be impossible. (Bio updated December 2016)

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