How to Enhance Your Website’s Credibility

02 Apr 2009


In my last blog, I talked about taking the fluff out of your company’s website – getting rid of phrases like “we’re dedicated to” and “our mission is” and actually saying something about your services.

I’m following that up with more ways that you can build credibility on the web and turn casual visitors into paying customers.

Here are a few pretty easy things you can do to make your website work harder for you:

1. Add a “Testimonials” Page. Sure, you’re going to say that you’re the best in the business. But that message is WAY more effective when it comes from your actual satisfied clients. If you’ve got raving fans, show it. Ask your past and current customers to give you some feedback and post it on your site – positive, honest customer testimonials go a long way when it comes to building credibility with prospective clients.

2. Add a “Case Studies” Page. Show off your problem-solving skills with some real-life examples. You can talk all day about how your company goes the extra mile, but it’s much more interesting – and credible – to post a few case studies. Did your company recently come up with an innovative solution that saved a client thousands? Or have you recently helped a customer solve a major productivity problem? Show what you can do to keep your customers up and running.

3. Add a Client List. Anyone can say that they have hundreds of satisfied clients – but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Instead of simply telling people you have clients, give a few examples. Of course, it’s even better if you’ve got a few big-name, Fortune 500 companies. But even small, local clients are credibility-builders.

4. Add Real Pictures. Now’s not the time to be camera shy. Instead of stock photos, use real pictures of your facilities – and your people. This is especially important if your business is mostly web-based – clients feel like they can put an actual face with a name.

5. Add a Physical Address. Again, this is a big one if you do most of your business online. Most customers feel a lot better knowing that your company actually has an address. A real street address – rather than simply a P.O. box – sends a message that your company is stable. And legitimate. Your street address – and the rest of your contact information – should be at the bottom of every page of your website.

Combine these credibility-building ideas with killer copy and a good, easy-to-scan layout, and you’ve got a site that helps drive sales and build up your customer base.

Have any other suggestions for crafting a credible website? Leave a comment and let us know!

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