Five Great Holiday Gifts for Writers

22 Nov 2009


If you’ve known a writer, you know they can be picky (some might even say pretentious). But it’s really not that hard buying gifts for the writers in your life – especially not with TWFH on your side. Here we’ve put together a list of five of our favorite gifts and gadgets for writers.

1. Moleskine notebooks will forever be the signature of serious writers, artists, and notetakers. But the hottest thing for writers right now are Field Notes. These cute, compact memo books are great for scribbling down notes and ideas in a hurry – and at just under $10, they’re more affordable than the Moleskine line (it’s also rumored that Pulitzer-prize winner Bryan Monroe and Anderson Cooper love their Field Notes). Try ordering from the website or checking out this list of retailers.

2. Software is always a great gift idea for writers (especially if they’re the starving-artist type). Right now I’m drooling over Final Draft 8, the newest version of the industry-standard software for screenwriters. If you order this anytime between now and December 31st (try, where it’s only $180), you can save a little cash with a $25 manufacturer’s rebate. This software isn’t just for screenwriters – playwrites and fiction writers will be able to appreciate the updated storyboarding function too.

3. For Mad Men lovers out there, give a writer in your life one of these gold pen necklaces from 1928 Jewelry. At $28, these necklaces are truly affordable chic. Joan Holloway fans will appreciate the vintage design, and your writer will never have to scramble around looking for lost pens. Get free shipping when you order from the website.

4. Books, books, books. Seems like a typical choice for writers. For a more practical approach to book-giving, try the new 2010 Writer’s Market line. It’ll help your writer make a little cash and get published (a great encouragement as the new year approaches). If you’re in to saving trees, get them a subscription to the Writer’s Market website instead.

5. livescribe_penEvery writer needs a decent pen. If you’ve got some cash to throw around, check out these Livescribe smartpens ($250). Perfect for gadget-lovers, these pens will record audio as you take notes – then you can upload the audio to a home PC and share it through email, Facebook, etc … that way you never miss a word. A MontBlanc pen is another option for writers – if you’ve got $200-$2,000 to spare. For the more frugal shoppers, go rogue with these instructions on how to turn any pen into a Mont Blanc.

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