Personalized Gifts for the Millionaire in Your Life

09 Dec 2022


We all have that person in our life who is just impossible to gift for. It’s not that they are overly picky or hard to please. They just have plenty of money to buy the things they want and need, so shopping for them feels nearly impossible.

While buying the latest Louis Vuitton bag or Rolex watch may seem like the obvious solution, we’ve found that what most wealthy people want is something unique and from the heart.

So, with that in mind, we have come up with a list of thoughtful and customized gifts for the millionaire in your life.

The Gift of Their Written Legacy

Chances are that the millionaire in your life has led a pretty fascinating life.

After all, it takes more than just sitting around twiddling your thumbs to acquire that kind of wealth.

It’s likely, though, that they have not shared their life story with many people, and even more likely that they’ve never taken the time to put their legacy on paper.

By giving the gift of a personalized book of their life story, you can help them preserve their legacy for generations to come.

So, how does it work?

Within 72 hours of your purchase from The Writers For Hire, you will be contacted by a talented team of ghostwriters who will discuss your goals and desires for the book and work with you to set up a time to interview your recipient.

Your writing team will then spend time asking questions, listening to stories, and recording the interviews, which will be transcribed later into a professionally printed, 100% custom, personalized hardcover book. 

This thoughtful gift is a sure way to show how much you care about and appreciate that special person!

The Gift of Experience

Most millionaires have more than enough material things. The last thing they want is another knickknack collecting dust on their shelves.

By giving that person in your life the gift of an experience, not only will they have a fun adventure, they will make memories that are sure to stay with them forever.

While there are endless possibilities when it comes to experience gifts, here are some of our favorites:

For more fun experience gift ideas, check out Cloud 9 Living.

The Gift of Giving

Does the millionaire on your list have a cause or two that is close to their heart?

Are they huge animal lovers, or big advocates for human rights?

In lieu of a traditional gift, consider making a charitable donation in their name.

Organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Feeding America, the American Diabetes Association, the ASPCA, and the Histiocytosis Association rely on charitable donations to keep their programs running. So, a donation in your recipient’s name will not only be appreciated by them but will also go a long way to helping the charity that they love.

For a list of charitable organizations and their ratings, check out

The Gift of Time

If there’s one thing we are all in need of, it’s more time.

And people whose incomes fall in the seven-figure (or higher) range are generally people who work a lot.

So, why not get them a gift to help free up some time? Here are a few suggestions:

Meal Delivery Service

Meal services like Freshly, Home Bistro, and Veestro are great for busy people.

Unlike other delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, which still require some cooking, these services provide ready-made meals that just have to be heated up and served. 

House Cleaning Service

It’s possible that the millionaire in your life already has someone to help keep their home tidy, but if they don’t, this is a great gift!

Nobody wants to spend their precious free time cleaning the floorboards or scrubbing toilets. Hiring an in-house maid service is just the holiday gift your loved one didn’t know they needed!

A Personal Virtual Stylist

For busy professionals, finding the time to go shopping for clothes is a challenge, to say the least. But what if they could try on tailor-selected clothes from the comfort of their own homes?

The gift of a virtual stylist service like Stitch Fix or Trendsend will allow them to do just that!

All your recipient will have to do is answer questions about their clothing sizes and style preferences. Then, their personal stylist will go to work creating beautiful outfit choices, which will be mailed directly to their home. And if they get something that they don’t like (or that doesn’t fit), all they have to do is send it back in the postage-paid envelope.


Preserve your family history

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, finding the perfect gift for the millionaire who has everything does not have to be as daunting as it sounds. It just takes a little creativity and some out-of-the-box thinking. And don’t forget to make it come from the heart!

Jennifer Rizzo 
Jennifer Rizzo, also known as "Rizzo," is a Denver-based writer with a passion for writing, genealogical research, travel, and languages. She studied Spanish at the University of Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico and also lived and studied in Ancona, Italy. She also holds a certification for International Tour Management through the International Guide Academy. Since joining The Writers For Hire, Jennifer has tackled a vast array of projects—from RPFs and SOPs to memoirs and company history books— and has done many in-depth genealogical research and family tree projects. She has also worked as Project Manager for various client projects, including family history books, websites, RFPs, blogs, autobiographies, and SOPs. She enjoys working closely with clients, and loves any opportunity that allows her to indulge her creative side.

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  1. The idea of preserving their life story in a personalized book is not only unique but also deeply sentimental. It’s a beautiful way to express appreciation and create a lasting legacy. The suggestions for experience gifts and charitable donations are equally thoughtful, showing that sometimes the most valuable gifts are not the ones with a hefty price tag but those that come from the heart.

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