Word Tip of the Week: Using Tables to Insert Images

02 Apr 2018


Have you ever tried inserting a bunch of images into a document by just clicking on Pictures in the Insert tab?

If so, you might have spent the next 30 minutes trying to drag them into place, then another 30 trying to fix your text formatting.

Once everything looked like it was wrangled into place, you added a little more text….and BAM! Word went wild yet again.

Fixing this issue is as easy as inserting a table before you insert a photo.

Seriously, tables will fix it all!

1. In the Word document, place your cursor where you want to insert an image.

2. Click the Insert tab, then click on Table. The Insert Table menu will appear.

3. For a single image, select a 1×1 table. A table will be inserted into your document.



4. Click inside the inserted table to make your cursor appear.

5. Click the Insert tab again, then Pictures.



6. Choose your image and insert it into the table. Once your image is in the table, you can click the table borders to make the image          bigger or smaller. Or, click the arrow cross in the upper-left corner to drag the table into a new position.



Of course, now your image is very obviously inside a table. But don’t worry, you can make those lines disappear:

1. Right click on the arrow cross in the upper left corner.

2. In the menu that appears, choose Table Properties.



3. In the dialogue box that appears, click the Borders and Shading button.

4. Another box will appear. Click None.



5. Click OK. The table borders around your image will disappear!

Once you’ve mastered inserting images into tables, use tables to manipulate the look of your whole Word document by using them to keep your content in the right place.

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