12 Little-Known Punctuation Marks to Make Your Writing More Interesting

04 Jun 2019


It is common knowledge that most sentences end with a period. We are all familiar with the often overused exclamation mark, and we all know that question marks help indicate that a phrase is interrogative.

But, have you ever heard of an “interrobang?” How about a “certitude point?”

This fascinating article from Readers Digest introduces 12 little-known punctuation marks that can help add a bit of pizzazz to your writing.

While these fun punctuation marks may appear to be a new fad, it turns out that some of them have actually been used since as early as the 1500s. Shocking, right?!?

The “percontation point” was originally introduced in the late 1500s as the ending to a rhetorical question. And the “irony mark,” which was first proposed in the 1600s, has been in print since the mid-1800s.

From the “certitude point,” which conveys total conviction, to the “doubt point,” which adds skepticism to your question, these little-known punctuation marks are just the things we never knew our writing needed!

And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need the occasional “snark mark” in their lives?

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