9 Great Sites for Generating Interesting Blog Topics

11 Jun 2021


You want to start a blog and you know what you want to write about, but how do you keep it going? When you list out your blog topic ideas, you tap out at about 13. That doesn’t get you too far.

So, how do you continuously come up with interesting blog topics to keep your blog going?

Just let the wisdom of the web help you out!

9 Cool Blog Topic Idea Generators

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, bloggers today can find fun, new, and interesting topics by using online blog idea generators. In their simplest form, blog topic idea generators ask you to enter the keyword you want to write about, and then generate topic ideas for you to work from.

For example, let’s say we’re writing about wine, or more specifically, pinot noir. You simply put that in the generator, hit Enter, and see what pops up.

Here are nine different generators and some examples of the type of ideas they created around the keyword “pinot noir.”

1. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

HubSpot is one of the most trusted names in web content and blogging. They know their stuff and they have a lot of great tools to help people create better content and improve their websites. The Blog Ideas Generator is just such a tool. It is, however, limited.

You can put up to five different nouns (think keywords!) into the text box to start generating ideas, but it will only give you five ideas for free. If you want more, you need to pony up a little information like your name, email, phone number, and website. Then, you’ll get 250 ideas from the keywords that you entered. That’s it. You’re set for the year!

Here are a couple of interesting blog topic ideas HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator poured out for “pinot noir.”

Pinot Noir: Expectations vs Reality. Interesting. What are the preconceived ideas about pinot vs. the truth? It’s a chance to open people’s eyes about the varietal.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Pinot Noir. Okay. We could talk about things like aeration, storage, using the right glass, food pairing, setting, temperature, and even drinking companion. See how easy this is?

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo does it a bit differently. Instead of giving you a list of random topic ideas, what you’ll get is a list of top articles on your topic with a breakdown of social media metrics, links, and even an “evergreen score.” This is a great way to see what’s clicking out there already and possibly springboard your own ideas off of that.

For “pinot noir” we got:

The Health Benefits of Pinot Noir By Kelly Vaughan. Wait. We’ve heard that a glass of wine per day can be good for you, but does the varietal matter? This has a very shareable angle. You could build on this and have fun: “Why Pinot Noir Drinkers May Live Longer!”

Mob Wines: Pinot from a ‘Sopranos’ Star, Collectibles from Mobster John Gotti. Okay, here we’re using star power. That’s fun and great for SEO ranking. Who else loves a good pinot and is famous and interesting?

3. FX Tools Blog Post Idea Generator

This one is pretty simple. The page is a basic form that states, “Kill That Creative Block

With our blog post idea generator.”

Enter in your keyword and a headline instantly pops up just below the form. If you are intrigued by the headline, there is a button to “Google this idea,” which takes you to the Google search page. Another button says, “Next Idea,” so you can move on to another headline. It’s as straightforward and easy as possible.

For “pinot noir” we got:

The Next Big Thing in Pinot Noir. Trends always make for good blog topics. They’re timely and intriguing. In recent years, vineyards have begun making white pinot noir. Who knew?

Must-see YouTube Videos About Pinot Noir. YouTube videos are always popular, and you could help a few wine enthusiasts find some funny or informational videos that they’d maybe never find on their own.

4. Content Row Headline Generator

Content Row’s Headline Generator starts out simple like the FX Tool, but once you hit the search button, it’s a whole different beast.

It jumps to a page that gives you multiple headlines as well as the option to filter them based on tags like evergreen, clickbait, seasonal, or topical. You have to create a free account to use the filters, but it only takes about one minute to sign up with your email.

For “pinot noir,” using the clickbait filter, we got:

The Best Pinot Noir for Each Zodiac Sign. This would be fun to write and, hopefully, fun to read. What makes one pinot good for a Pisces and another perfect for a Scorpio?

The Frightening Affect [sic] of Climate Change on Pinot Noir. Okay, this is a bit more serious, but still a headline with intrigue. It turns out that climate change is a real issue for wine growers. See? We’re learning stuff!

5. Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator

Are you really stuck for ideas, including a topic? This idea generator doesn’t even give you the chance to put in a keyword. You just hit the button and up pops a headline. While that may seem entirely too random, it can still jumpstart your brain. It’s up to you to find connections to your chosen topic. Let’s give it a try.

Here’s What I Do to Get Myself Out of a Funk. This is very general, but that can work. Can wine drinkers get into a funk? Of course! You find yourself drinking the same pinot all the time. Maybe it’s time to get out of that funk by trying a new brand, pinot from a different region, or even try a box!

Why I’m Not a Fan of… Oregon pinot noir? French pinot? Any way you do it, you’ll have some people nodding in agreement while others shout out, “How dare you!” Blogging gold.

6. Portent Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is another nice and straightforward tool. Just plug in your keyword and a headline pops up. You have the option to save the idea or even tweet it out. At the top of the screen there’s a “My Saved Ideas” button that will keep all of your saved ideas from your session together, which is pretty handy.

How Pinot Noirs Can Keep You from Marrying the Wrong Person. Here’s the deal. These are randomly put together by a tool using your keyword, not really taking into account what your keyword actually is. That being said, maybe you could have fun with this one in a light, humorous way.

How to Be Unpopular in the Pinot Noir World.  Anything that is popular with large groups of people comes with certain taboos. What are they and how do you avoid them?

7. Impact’s BlogAbout Title Generator

This idea generator works almost in reverse. When you go to the webpage, it pops up a headline with one or two blanks. You fill in those blanks with your keywords. Some clearly won’t fit, but it’s easy enough to keep refreshing and get new headlines until you see one you like.

New to _____? Here’s What You Need to Know. This works. It would be a simple pinot noir 101-type article. Could be the first one on the blog.

___ Tips to Help You Choose a ______. What kind of tips does the average pinot shopper need? Should they be looking at certain growing areas or vintages? Cork or cap? Another great, basic idea.

8. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

This is yet another plug-and-play model, but with a couple of bells and whistles. It asks if your keyword is a noun or a verb. So simple, but it helps to give you better results. It also lets you choose if you want to get it in title case, sentence case, or all caps, which seems odd but it’s a nice touch.

10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Pinot Noir. Everyone likes a cool list of trivial facts about their favorite things.

10 Mesmerizing Examples of Pinot Noir. Even bargain hunters want to learn about the creme de la crème of their favorite wine. What is it and why is it so special?

9. Usetopic.com Blog Idea Generator

This is another simple one. Some of the ideas look like they’re coming from existing articles on the web, which is a little different than the others on this list. That can be a great way to find topics as long as you don’t copy but build on them.

Pinot Noir Champagne. Really? Someone makes champagne from pinot noir grapes? That’s very different and interesting. Great topic.

California Pinot Noir. Pinot noir is grown in many different areas around the world. This could launch a whole series of blogs where you tackle them one by one.

Tips for Blogging Success

Blogging is a great way to bring people to your website, boost your authority within your niche, and stay present on social media. If you own a business, you really do need a business blog to keep your website humming.

That being said, you don’t want to just rattle off random thoughts. You want to have a plan and build a successful blog. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a niche you love and stick with it.
  • Set a goal. What do you want your blog to accomplish?
  • Plot out a calendar to add timely posts.
  • Be consistent on how often you post blogs.
  • Make use of social media to promote your blog.
  • Link to authoritative sources.
  • Keep SEO in mind.
  • Encourage comments and interaction.
  • Edit! Either do your own editing, use software like Grammarly Pro, or have a professional look it over. Nothing looks more amateur than typos and poor grammar in a blog.

Getting great ideas for blog posts is just the beginning of the battle. A successful blog takes some thought and work, but you want to have fun with it, too. You can get great ideas from any of these nine idea generators, so what are you waiting for? Get blogging!

Tyler Omoth 
Tyler grew up knowing he wanted to be a writer. In 2005 he landed his first professional writing role as a radio advertising copywriter. Since then he has penned over 70 books for children as well as blog posts, white papers, press releases, greeting cards and articles. He's even managed to get a few short stories and poems published. He's written for just about every kind of business out there and loves the challenge of finding the right voice to fit each client, even if it means matching their existing voice. He believes that the best writing strikes an emotional chord, even if it's just a 30-second advertisement. He is Hubspot certified for content marketing and knows how to create content that is SEO friendly. A Minnesota transplant living in Tampa, FL, when he's not writing Tyler is probably watching baseball or embracing the chaos of life with his wife, Mary, and twin toddlers, Gavin and Rachel.

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