Sans Forgetica: A Font To Help Readers Remember

28 Jan 2019


As a general rule, we writers tend to favor fonts that are practical and easy to read. While Baskerville Old Face and Lucinda Calligraphy are fun, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see them printed in a book.

But what if we are doing it all wrong? What if the “easy” fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman are actually TOO easy?

Well, researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, have discovered that fonts that are easy to read are also easy to forget.

This great article from Popular Science dives into the fascinating research that has been done on the topic and introduces the new font that was developed by typography professor, Stephen Banham, in order to help people remember more of what they read.

This new font, called Sans Forgetica, is more difficult to read—and therefore, forces the brain to focus more. As a result, the reader ends up remembering more of what is read.

And the best news? Sans Forgetica is now available online as a free download!

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