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09 Apr 2019


Imagine walking into a small conference room where a dozen engineers, all experts in technology design for the heavy equipment business, are seated at two rows of tables, looking like the world’s most disgruntled jury. Their company is launching a thought leadership program and these women and men are tasked with coming up with the […]

12 May 2017


You’ve read the stats, you know the facts: the whitepaper is increasingly considered the darling of B2B marketing tools. But do you know the secret to translating your company’s products, services, or processes into clear, benefits-oriented, client-facing copy? We do, because we’ve written persuasive whitepapers for clients ranging from oil & gas companies to global […]

12 May 2017


When marketing plans include targeting trade publications, you need pitch-perfect copy. Your standards are no less stringent – perhaps in even more so – for your company magazine, blog, or newsletter. What a coincidence: The Writers For Hire provides the editorial brawn you’ve been looking for. Our writers – all of them armed with journalism […]

12 May 2017


Writing is easy, journalist Gene Fowler said. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. Granted, today you’re more likely to be staring at a blank screen than a piece of paper. But the sentiment is the same: Writing an eBook can be a […]

12 May 2017


Case Study Writers Coming up with an original point of view. Finding a topic your readers can relate to. Interviewing your customers and subject matter experts (SMEs). Waiting for approvals. Count on us to do the heavy lifting – making the process easier, faster, and less painful – from start to finish; from concept development […]

12 May 2017


The great thing about blogging and social media is immediacy, getting your message out in real time. The only problem is, blogs and social media posts can take a long time to write. Which means today’s news and information can quickly become yesterday’s re-hash. And we’ll get those posts up on time, even under the […]

26 Apr 2017


Thought leadership is an excellent way to build your company’s reputation and impress your clients, shareholders, industry peers, and potential new employees. The Writers For Hire can help streamline your content creation process and minimize your workload. No matter where you are in the process, we can immediately fall into step with your team to […]

16 Jun 2016


Thought Leadership: How To Do It You’ve made a decision to take your business game to the next level. You know a thought leadership campaign will get you there. So, how do you do it? How to Develop a Thought Leadership Campaign If it’s a sales pitch, it’s not thought leadership. “True thought leadership starts […]

27 Oct 2015


Earlier this year, our owner Wintress Odom was awarded with Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer-Master level designation. This certification was awarded after completing advanced coursework on online content strategy, then submitting three pieces of content for the Copyblogger editorial team to review. The Certified Content Marketer designation is only given to people who demonstrate an ability […]