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Everything About Wikipedia, Part 4: Neutrality

Now that we’ve discussed notability and sources, it’s time to take a look at another major component of Wikipedia policy: neutrality. You probably know what neutrality means: Basically, a neutral point of view is one that doesn’t promote a particular opinion or take a side on a controversial issue. An article written in a neutral
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Everything About Wikipedia, Part 3: Sources

As you probably remember from our last post, Wikipedia eligibility is (mostly) based on the answers to two important questions: Question 1: Is your topic notable? Question 2: Has your topic received significant coverage by neutral, reputable third-party sources? Last week, we took an in-depth look at notability. This week, we’re going to discuss sources.
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Everything About Wikipedia, Part 2: Notability

In our previous post, we talked about Wikipedia in general – we explained a bit about what Wiki is (a reference) and isn’t (a blog, a soapbox, or a vehicle for free advertising), and we promised that we’d get more into specifics about what makes a topic Wiki-eligible. As we mentioned last time, determining whether
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Considering a Wiki

So you’re considering a Wikipedia article for your company. But how do you know if you’re eligible? The first question is whether your organization been covered in-depth in the media.  This media needs to be produced by a neutral, verifiable third party – not a press release, your own website, or social media that you
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Thought Leadership

In today’s rapidly moving day and age, business arenas change and evolve all the time. And with all of those transformations and progressions come the want and need for the exchange of ideas, concepts and solutions. The oil and gas industry is no exception. That’s why many companies are incorporating, thought Leadership into their business
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How to pitch an article

Companies and individuals often wonder how to get press coverage in magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets.  I’ve spent many years on both sides of that fence — as a freelance writer, and as a writer and/or editor at both national and regional magazines, and a major daily newspaper.  Here’s a primer. It all starts with
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Concise Writing Cheat Sheet

"Vigorous writing is concise."      -William Strunk Jr. The writing tips resource section covers an abundant amount of information on clear and concise writing, but this "cheat sheet" proves useful when you need an answer quickly. The following guidelines serve as a concise-writing overview. Print out our printer friendly version to keep on your desk
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Preposition List

What is a Preposition? A preposition is a word or phrase typically placed before a noun and indicates the relation of that noun to a verb, adjective, or other noun. Richard Lanham’s "Paramedic Method" consists of six steps to create clear and concise copy. The first step is to find and eradicate unnecessary prepositions. But,
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The Secret to Producing Successful Blog Posts

Thank you to Michelle Rebecca for this guest post.     Just about anybody can be a blogger, but it takes a certain set of skills, knowledge, and experience to consistently write popular posts. When it comes to creating content for an online audience, you can be the best writer in the world and have
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Sales Emails: They’re Not About Selling (Really!)

Want to improve the click-through rate on your sales emails? Stop trying so hard. Well, there’s a little more to it than that — but the bottom line is, if you want to make sure that your sales emails don’t end up in the spam folder, you need to make sure that you’re not striking
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