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How to pitch an article

By Jenny Higgons Companies and individuals often wonder how to get press coverage in magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets. I’ve spent many years on both sides of that fence — as a freelance writer, and as a writer and editor at both national and regional magazines and a major daily newspaper. Here’s a primer. It
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The Secret to Producing Successful Blog Posts

Thank you to Michelle Rebecca for this guest post. Just about anybody can be a blogger, but it takes a certain set of skills, knowledge, and experience to consistently write popular posts. When it comes to creating content for an online audience, you can be the best writer in the world and have little impact
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Interview: A Look At Professional Writing Services

People sometimes ask Wintress Odom, “Can your firm help me with copywriting and content marketing, or is your company a technical writing business?” The answer, she says, is yes. And, she usually adds, the firm also helps clients write books and articles, speeches and scripts, and with myriad other writing and editing projects. During this
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SME-Driven Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has helped super-majors, like Shell Oil, refashion their image from producer to high-tech energy solutions guru, and it enabled DrillingInfo to shed the “data company” label and be seen as an industry intelligence leader. Saudi Aramco sponsors an annual global thought leadership forum; news source PennEnergy has launched a Global Thought Leaders Series
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Penny for Your Thoughts: How to Sell Thought Leadership to Your Team

You’ve seen the light; you know thought leadership is essential to get your business to the next level. How do you get everyone else onboard? Let’s look at some tools to help you measure thought leadership. Then we’ll talk about leveraging thought leadership, as well as how to promote thought leadership within your team. How
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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, “ghostwriting?” Celebrities? Former presidents? More people use this service than you might expect. And clients rely on ghostwriting for much more than book projects, too. During this interview, The Writers For Hire owner Wintress Odom explains the types of services ghostwriters provide,
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Celebrating 15 Years in Business

When Wintress Odom started writing 15 years ago, she never imagined that The Writers For Hire would become a full-fledged business with dozens of employees. Even five years after the article below was published in The Houston Chronicle, she still marvels at the growth and changes the business has been through. Join us as we
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Interview: Simplifying the RFP Response Process

Regardless of the size of your business, you will likely have to answer a Request for Proposal (RFP) at some point, in order to secure larger, more lucrative contracts. But with so many RFPs containing 100 pages or more, the proposal writing process can be overwhelming for many companies. In this interview, writing expert Wintress
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Test Your Grammar Knowledge

Can you spot the 10 errors in the paragraph below?   Click here to view the answers!
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Interview: Answering Your Questions About Thought Leadership

“Thought Leadership” is a hot topic among marketing departments looking for content and companies looking to make a name for themselves within their industry. But what is it and how do you do it? In this interview on The Price of Business, Wintress Odom, editor-in-chief of The Writers For Hire, answers the basics about who
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