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Managing ‘Open Door’ Policies

By Tina M. Liljedahl Tina Liljedahl is a marketing and business consultant who has over 10 years of experience in leadership development with an emphasis on improving communication in the workplace. Open door policies are designed to increase communication by providing a safe and secure way for employees to voice concerns, resolve issues, and provide
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There’s a New “Master” in the House

Earlier this year, our owner Wintress Odom was awarded with Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer-Master level designation. This certification was awarded after completing advanced coursework on online content strategy, then submitting three pieces of content for the Copyblogger editorial team to review. The Certified Content Marketer designation is only given to people who demonstrate an ability
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Doctors: Take These Words to Heart

By Victoria Cayce Linda was feeling bad. Really bad. She had been overly tired for a week, but since her kids had just gotten over a bug they picked up at school she assumed that the nausea and fatigue were related and went back to plowing through her busy day. Then her upper back began
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Six Tips for Repurposing Your Copy

By Tom Schek Creating a steady stream of informative, engaging materials to fuel a content marketing program takes a great deal of time and effort. However, you can get more out of that resource investment by repurposing content. Some observers might consider that “cheating,” and if you simply swap out a few words or rewrite
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Crafting Tourism Industry Content

By Jennifer Babisak The award-winning television drama “Mad Men” fed viewers much more than a weekly dose of suspense and eye-candy. Though the focus sometimes drifted more to Don Draper’s sexcapades than his creative mind, the show still gave an intriguing peek into the inner workings of an advertising agency. The Art of Emotional Appeal
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Ghostwriter, Publisher Insights

By Katherine Adams It’s not easy to build a reputation in the field of ghostwriting. After all, when a ghostwriter authors books, articles, reports, and the like, the work is officially credited to another person. Still, Wintress Odom, owner of The Writers For Hire, manages to lead one of the most sought-after teams of ghostwriters
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Thought Leadership

In today’s rapidly moving day and age, business arenas change and evolve all the time. And with all of those transformations and progressions come the want and need for the exchange of ideas, concepts and solutions. The oil and gas industry is no exception. That’s why many companies are incorporating, thought Leadership into their business
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Everything About Wikipedia, Part 2: Notability

In our previous post, we talked about Wikipedia in general – we explained a bit about what Wiki is (a reference) and isn’t (a blog, a soapbox, or a vehicle for free advertising), and we promised that we’d get more into specifics about what makes a topic Wiki-eligible. As we mentioned last time, determining whether
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Wikipedia, Part 1

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Wikipedia (…and probably some stuff you never thought to ask), Part 1 Wikipedia has become a standard, go-to resource for all kinds of facts: Want to know everything there is to know about the giant squid? Need a list of every Nobel Prize winner, organized by country? Interested
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Everything About Wikipedia, Part 4: Neutrality

Now that we’ve discussed notability and sources, it’s time to take a look at another major component of Wikipedia policy: neutrality. You probably know what neutrality means: Basically, a neutral point of view is one that doesn’t promote a particular opinion or take a side on a controversial issue. An article written in a neutral
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