150 Surprising Facts About Famous Writers

19 Jun 2019


It’s no secret that many writers have led very interesting lives. After all, the fascinating themes for their books have to come from somewhere!

But, did you know that Irish novelist, James Joyce, was fluent in five different languages? Or that Mary Shelley was only 18-years-old when she started writing Frankenstein?

How about the fact that before Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women, she worked as a Civil War nurse in Washington?

And can you imagine that Edgar Allan Poe actually considered using an owl or a parrot, before he settled on quoting “the raven nevermore?”

In this great blog from booksonthewall.com, the author has compiled 150 amazing facts about the lives of well-known authors.

From frequently used phrases that originated from Shakespeare (“dead as a doornail,” “night owl,” and “in a pickle,” to name a few), to Mark Twain’s prestigious lecture on watermelon, these facts will surprise even the most knowledgeable literary minds.

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