Strange and Unbelievable Myths About Writers

22 Jan 2021


When you think of a writer, what image comes to mind? An eccentric hermit who locks themselves up in a remote cabin, stays up all night writing, and drinks far too much alcohol?

Like most stereotypes, these are not generally an accurate depiction of reality. In fact, most clichés about writers couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this fun blog from Authors Publish, they address 14 common myths about writers, and debunk them with a dose of reality.

With some of these myths, it’s pretty easy to see where they came from. For example, the myth about writers being independently wealthy (or have a rich spouse who is supporting them). After all, how could someone possibly have a day job and still have time to write?!?

Or how about the myth that writers are eccentric and have weird habits or obsessions? After all, even we can admit we’re an unusual bunch.

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Other myths, though, such as all writers having a muse, living as hermits, or being alcoholics don’t seem to have any real basis behind them.

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