Autological Words: Words That Describe Themselves

21 Feb 2019


As writers, we are passionate about words and language. Oftentimes, when we come across a word that we have never heard before, we immediately want to know not only the meaning, but also the history of the word.

In most cases, as with most words, the actual meaning of the word has nothing to do with the word itself. Words are generally just arbitrary sounds that are put together to give something a name.

The word “pink” is not pink. And the word “cold” is definitely not cold.

There are, however, some words that are perfect embodiments of the things they are meant to describe. These words are referred to as “autological words.”

In our never-ending quest for knowledge, we stumbled across a wonderful article from Mental Floss that gives a great list of some delightful autological words, along with their meanings.

From “Polysyllabic” to “Magniloquent,” we hope you enjoy this great list as much as we did.

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