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Writing is easy, journalist Gene Fowler said. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

Granted, today you’re more likely to be staring at a blank screen than a piece of paper.

But the sentiment is the same: Writing an eBook can be a long, tough slog.

Unless you’re working with The Writers For Hire.

With thousands of pieces of content on their resumes, our writers are skilled at creating thought leadership copy that entices and provides value to readers, increases market demand, generates responses, and gets shared.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what your focus should be – they’ll help you or your subject matter experts (SMEs) pinpoint a topic that will resonate with your target audience and convince them of your perspective.

Need research to fill in any knowledge gaps? They can do that, too.

Have your copy in place, but want the skills of an eagle-eyed editor? Our professional editors can provide copyediting – checking for grammar, spelling, and word usage; ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, and so on – or more comprehensive line editing, which improves sentence flow, tightens the narrative, removes redundancies, and adds sparkle and sizzle.

And unlike some eBook ghostwriting services, The Writers for Hire does not outsource our work to less experienced, less fluent writers overseas. Your eBook will be written by full-time, U.S.-based writers with college degrees and lengthy resumes.


As much as our writers love the printed word, they know that the digital word has become more prevalent and important for our clients. And they’re experienced in writing for the digital world – so you can rest assured your project won’t be a practice run. Your copy will be punchy, to the point, and scannable – exactly what electronic device readers seek.

What makes The Writers For Hire so good at crafting eBook content?

  • They’re experienced in helping clients laser in on a topic that will benefit readers. They form productive partnerships with your SMEs, getting great information that becomes great copy.
  • They know that an eBook isn’t just a bunch of disparate blog posts hurriedly hodge-podged together. They’ll create a cohesive theme that supports your eBook’s purpose.
  • They understand the importance of writing to your audience. They’ll use the right tone and bring the key messages to the forefront.
  • They’re obsessed with details, so you don’t have to be.

Our writers’ experience working in a broad range of industries offers proof they’ve got the brains to quickly understand your business and your audience. Consider us for projects in:

More than Words

eBooks are about more than putting words on the page in an engaging way. Formatting is a critical part of creating an eBook. Our team understands how to use things like white space, images, and infographics to ensure a scannable final piece that's a pleasure to read on a screen. That's why we offer formatting and design support for our eBook clients, ensuring a final wow-factor layout.

What’s it like to work with The Writers for Hire on your eBook? Here’s what you can expect.

  • A team not afraid to research and understand your topic.
  • Writers who understand that writing online often requires thinking in pictures and graphics – not just words.
  • Interviews to get the process rolling.
  • Help selecting a topic, if needed.
  • Development of an outline or table of contents to make certain everything is headed in the right direction.
  • Crystal-clear copy, with compelling headlines, subheads, and suggestions for graphics.
  • Fact-checking and editing by an experienced editor.
  • Revisions, if necessary, after you’ve reviewed all content.
  • Final proofreading to ensure perfection.

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Make Your Own Kind Of Music

This week we have some advice passed on to me from best-selling author Karleen Koen.  Your assignment:  Write something, anything, every morning.  No need for prompts like those we gave you in a recent post.  No, this exercise is completely freestyle.

Keep Your Mind and Fingers Nimble Every Day

As a writer, even if you aren’t working on a particular project, you will benefit greatly from daily practice, like Hemingway’s write-500-words-every-single-day devotion we mentioned in a recent post. And as we’ve also said before, even the world’s greatest musicians practice on their instrument every day.  They hone their skills, keep their artistic inspirations fresh, and even discover new things about their talent.

Writing can actually be a lot like playing an instrument. Imagine sitting down at a piano and just playing around with the keys, plinking out a light, brief little ditty off the top of your head.  Now compare that to sitting down in front of your computer and tapping out a few words, whatever comes to mind.  You’re just goofing around, right?  No pressure.

But you may stumble across a good setting, a useful piece of imagery, or some clever dialogue.  You may even get to meet a character screaming out that she has a story to tell you, speaking to you from your brain to your fingertips as you “jam” on your instrument of choice, be it your computer or one of those yellow legal notepads or a beautiful Moleskine.  (Have you ever heard of a Moleskine?  They are legendary little pocket journals used for scribbling inspirations and ideas, cherished by artistic geniuses like Van Gogh, Picasso, and our pal Hemingway.)

Open Your Mind As Soon As You Open Your Eyes (and Maybe Yawn and Stretch, Too)

Koen believes in writing first thing in the morning.  To Koen, it’s an exercise to get her brain going, not an attempt to generate useable copy.  She suggests taking just about fifteen minutes, or maybe just three pages, whatever comes first, and simply writing whatever comes to mind.  Best of all, she does this even before the coffee is ready.  You can do it while you’re still in bed, even.  At that time of the morning, your mind is still half-asleep, with one foot still in the wonderful, bizarre world of your dreams, where some of the best ideas come from.

Wash Your Face, Comb Your Hair . . . and Brush Up Your Writing Skills

Add to your morning ablutions a rinsing of your thoughts.  Let them wash away from your mind and onto the page.  It may just be a few hundred words of randomness, a jumbled mix of what you dreamt the night before and what’s on your mind about what you have to do that day.  But there’s more than one reason this little exercise is so valuable.

Yes, it is a wonderful way to sow and eventually reap some great ideas, and practice is always beneficial, no matter what you are practicing.  But you’ll have also put your thoughts in a writer’s mindset, right from the minute you wake up.  You’ll be able to spend the rest of the day seeing the world through your writer’s eyes, even more sharply and acutely than you usually do.  You will find a symphony of inspiration everywhere you look.

I guess it’s like waking up and putting on your glasses right away so you can see more clearly.  Oh, I could compare this exercise to a million different beneficial behaviors, but the bottom line is: it’s great.  So tomorrow morning, give it a try!